10 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps

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The best crypto portfolio tracker apps enable users to gradually monitor the total quantity and value of their cryptographic modes of payments throughout all wallets, exchanges, stages, and blockchains.

These programs allow them to keep track of notable trades, their worth, and complaints or references. They also provide the real-time value of any digital currencies they support. Some assistance in trading resources was contingent on specific deals, but only at one point.

This article reviews the top crypto portfolio tracker apps for all phases, whether iOS or Android, digital or computer-based.

List of best crypto portfolio tracker applications

Different crypto portfolio tracker applications have various aspects and behave in different ways. Most of them allow users to incorporate all bitcoin addresses, regardless of the host network, so you can continually and historically track the value of currency possession and price. As a result, the best crypto portfolio tracker apps may include API integration with trades and other wallets.

The best crypto portfolio trackers assist wealthy donors and traders in making consistent decisions and changing their investments. Most have advanced plotting and value forecasting tools to help customers make informed decisions about their crypto assets.

Here is the rundown of the best crypto portfolio trackers:


Many crypto trading platforms now provide duplicate trading features; however, NAGA may be the only or one of the few that has “auto-duplicate social trading”. It enables you to replicate trades from professional traders to increase profit. Furthermore, you may discuss, investigate trading ideas, and learn from others about trading. This is completed via “NAGA Feed” and “NAGA Messenger.”

With NAGA, you may automatically replicate the trade of resources such as forex, stocks, CFDs, and more than 90 other financial means. Furthermore, you can utilize swaps several times. “NAGAX” is another spot exchange that allows customers to directly swap 50+ cryptocurrencies or execute fantastic trading for these commodities.


It is not only the best crypto portfolio tracker that the executives investigate but also a trading phase. Nevertheless, it enables customers to manage their portfolios among 73 cryptocurrency assets supported for trading. Above everything else, the platform may be viewed via an iOS and Android app, in addition to the online stage.

The fact that it is flexible additionally demonstrates how exceptional that is in aiding customers with managing a crypto portfolio instantly. Furthermore, it aids you in getting a detailed sketch of the document and the fundamentals of balance checking.

It provides a graphic representation of your overall portfolio modifications throughout time, keeping constant in mind. You may display the graphs for each day, week, month, year, or all time. It will display the value of your portfolio at a specified period on the outline.

As a result, you can track how much you have acquired over time. Portfolio, the board, also enables you to see your transaction history, balance, open requests, costs of preferred monetary forms, and fiat and crypto balances.


Crypto.com is again the best crypto portfolio tracker and cryptocurrency trade. Nonetheless, this includes estimates and investment management for all supported wallets. Whether you are logged in on the website or the mobile application, the platform allows you to track ongoing and historical crypto expenses for all currencies and those you have invested in.

You may track crypto prices in groups, such as those depending on a particular network or those controlled by a specific asset, for instance, “Panthera Fund.” Crypto.com helps in tracking top financial stocks and dropouts as well as those that have lately been introduced or those who are on your own decision or watch list. Each coin’s circulation, price, and current value are shown here, along with 1-week charts.


It is a cryptocurrency trading platform that acquired a locally made, one of the best crypto portfolio trackers in 2019. As a result, this platform enables you to track accounts for any supported coins from within the interface. It allows you to do specialized research, conduct data from external sources, and obtain ProCharts.

You can do more than monitor stock adjustments, profits, and classifications. You may construct generally utilized recordings for the best cryptocurrency, analyze significant gains and dropouts, and uncover breakthrough patterns the way you choose.


Pine is a cryptocurrency trading bot and one of the world’s first platforms, offering 18 free-of-cost trading bots. Users can systematize their purchasing so they are not constantly monitoring the marketplace. That is one of the best crypto portfolio trackers, aggregating volatility from blockchain platforms such as “Binance” and “Huobi Global.”

It is an internet technology that is compatible with all major platforms. The “Pionex Arbitrage bot” has imposed some restrictions on equity investment. It imposes certain constraints while trading in altcoins. It just revamped its “wallet service.”


This crypto portfolio tracker was published in the year 2014. Blockfolio currently supports virtually every cryptocurrency resource on the marketplace and has over 6 million customers. Additionally, it also enables consumers to synchronize accounts from around 15 digital money exchanges. This is considered to be a very competitive bargain as compared to most other best crypto portfolio trackers.

Furthermore, it allows customers to establish expense warnings. The “signal” is a communication tool that enables individuals to communicate knowledge and documents. It has received a lot of attention in the present times.

Delta is a strong challenger for Blockfolio, with over 1 million program launches and support for over 3000 crypto assets. Furthermore, it keeps track of exchange costs. Nevertheless, they give ICO assistance so that customers may put on their preferred currencies even if no market supports them.

The tracking app allows ICO and token distribution organizations to notify application users of forthcoming token and ICO distributions. Delta Direct”, as it is known, is also meant to be a source of the significant crypto prediction data centre for users. ICO organizations can provide education and various information to potential financial supporters.


This is a local and is considered the best crypto portfolio tracker that accepts all sorts of digital payment options, for instance, VISA, MasterCard, and Google Play, among many others. Wealthy donors and businesses may now sell their cryptocurrency for money through the bank.

Furthermore, Coinmama does not have a wallet for average traders. Thus, engaging with the “White Glove Service” is the primary source of support for Coinmama’s investment popularity.

Launch Money

This crypto portfolio tracker enables customers to monitor, invest, and manage virtual currencies in addition to traditional assets such as cash, mutual funds, and bank or investment accounts. It also enables users to add up to organizing occupations and consumption and production, irrespective of whether they were simple purposes. Users may use the annual revenue-adding gadget to track their total wealth over time.

It can, furthermore, sync various monetary payment applications. Additionally, users can extort money from banking institutions, exchange sources via banking applications, and insert data from apps and sites. 


This is very effective and is presumed to be one of the best crypto portfolio trackers since it allows users to monitor the costs and values, including over 11,000 digital currencies. 

Almost everything is viewable on both the official website. The software includes additional currency statistics, such as 24-hour transactions, market valuation across various periods, and other performance metrics for particular coins across platforms. Note that CoinMarketCap has over 300+ cryptocurrency trading on its homepage, and this is where the application gets its statistics.


This article discussed the best crypto portfolio trackers on the search and catered to both novice and experienced clients. We documented devices people may employ autonomously to track assets around standard trading programs and platforms. We have also investigated levels at which traders may manage both resources and support and swap them concurrently without the need for extra exchange programs.

Although the portable exchange is widespread, most businesses prefer work area trading. We propose Blockfolio, which comes with areas of strength, bringing out a free gadget that incorporates portfolio management, graphing, and trading.

In any event, it satisfies mobile merchants without a web or workstation recreation. As a result, Delta is better suitable for that type of client and packs in more.


How would you monitor your crypto portfolio?

Some of the best crypto portfolio trackers are, no doubt, “CoinStats” and “Coin Market Manager.” Most middle and progressed crypto merchants store assets across numerous blockchains and utilize various wallets for various purposes. This can make following your total crypto assets a significant pain.

Are crypto portfolio trackers safe?

Crypto portfolio trackers can be just about as protected as you want. While many of them can be incorporated with your trade accounts or non-custodial crypto wallets, you can restrict how much power your crypto portfolio tracker has over your crypto reserves.

Where does your digital screen currency?

CoinMarketCap is the business’s most well-known and conspicuous cryptographic money cost tracker; different trackers incorporate “Coinlib” and “Bitgur.”

How safe is Blockfolio?

Indeed, Blockfolio is protected. The application has north of 6 million downloads, a 4.8-star rating on the Apple App Store and a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play store. You can utilize Blockfolio’s portfolio following components without sharing private data.

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