5 Best Platforms for Free Crypto Airdrops

To proceed with the topic, let us go through what is free crypto airdrops: What is Free Crypto Airdrop?THIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 What is Free Crypto Airdrop?2 Wallets that should collect free crypto airdrops2.1 1) Ethereum– …

To proceed with the topic, let us go through what is free crypto airdrops:

What is Free Crypto Airdrop?

  • The free crypto airdrops are some of the number of tokens sent accessible to the users. 
  • In this, a blockchain team’s people will get some new currency for free. In return, they have to retweet the post of the company. 
  • The main thing in this is the holder will have a wallet-like coinbase with a crypto balance.
  •  And the main thing is that the holders were not required to invest any of the amounts.
  •  The customers refer to airdrops because they are always free and don’t require any investment. 
  • Holders can take tokens of NFTs from those who are eligible. 
  • As we see, free crypto airdrops stand in the market within the crowd on Ethereum and the other blockchain programme. 

Wallets that should collect free crypto airdrops

They have three different platforms for free crypto airdrops, i.e. ETH, XLM, and NEO. Let us look at it deeply:

1) Ethereum– mainly used platform for crypto airdrops

  • ERC-20 tokens are used primarily on Ethereum. 
  • It must be beneficial to have an ether wallet.

A] My Ether Wallet (MEW)

  • This web wallet is probably used mainly by holders. 
  • It is easy to control the transactions and add tokens.
  •  For the beginner, they have their guide to the free crypto airdrop wallet.

B] MetaMask

  • This wallet is directly connected to a browser.
  • They support web browsers like chrome, firefox.
  • If the holder can use this wallet, they can trade from the Airdrop Alert account.
  •  While getting the airdrop wallet, look for another feature of airdrops built on the Ethereum blockchain.  

2) NEO-  for NEP-5 Airdrops:

  • They have projects like Novem Gold, a gold-backed stable coin.
  •  Using the web for NEO is simple and supports the NEP-5 airdrops. 
  • They have created a video explaining how to set the wallet and all details NEO of blockchain.
  •  When finally the wallet gets, you can join the Novem Gold airdrop to get the first tokens.

3) Stellar- wallet for the bid airdrops:

  • $125 million registrations are still open in the Stellar airdrop.
  •  Having in partnership, they decided to have a large XLM airdrop.
  •  Stellarport.io is a wallet for XLM and stellar tokens. 

4) TRON- Airdrops which is coming soon

5) EOS- Airdrops:

  • Almost 260 projects are built in this programme. To begin with, this platform should have a wallet.

Some features

  • The projects of crypto use airdrops for the promotion of their projects.
  • In these projects, they will provide little money to the holder’s account.
  • With the latest version of the airdrop, holders can score tokens or coins.
  • There are five websites which are lists of free crypto airdrops.

5 Free Crypto Airdrops Websites

Airdrops are different for collecting the tokens and having such a marketing strategy by giving such free charges.


  • In 2017 AirDropAlert website was launched to give all information about free crypto airdrops. 
  • These websites provide knowledge as well as blog. 
  • The website has a vast database and useful filter options.
  •  Plus, if any company wants to conduct airdrop marketing or promote the project, this website offers a full-service package.


  • For those who want free crypto airdrops, these websites are free to use and be updated with the latest website changes.
  •  The websites also provide information on how to maintain the airdrop and the requirement of the airdrop. 


  • The AirdropsMob is the older website in which they have some updated features and constantly maintain airdrops.
  •  The projects can be filtered with various frameworks such as value, rating, name, etc. These can be sorted with programmes and requirements. 
  • These websites have an update on ongoing and upcoming rating programmes.
  •  These airdrops have a tag for which the ICO platform can rate the project, which will be most beneficial.


  • These websites are experts in listing the airdrops of ongoing.
  •  They can be sorted by criteria, value, rating, and participation. 
  • The best part of this website is that they have step-wise information about selecting the crypto airdrop and participating and making a profit.  


  • The AirdropBob was launched in 2018, and they record hundreds of free crypto airdrops. 
  • This website is designed for users to be in the crypto airdrop and have filters with advanced. 
  • They also have a handy calendar where users quickly have a personal crypto airdrop.

How to know whether free crypto airdrop is legitimate?

  • Crypto airdrop is the best to have free tokens.
  •  You will know that your tickets come from legitimate sources by taking some easy steps.
  •  These websites also have a better quality of whitepaper and gripping reason to exist.
  •  Also, the legitimate crypto airdrop will never ask for a personal/private password. Only they ask for the wallet.


  • I hope the above information will help you select an excellent free crypto airdrop. 
  • The mentioned websites are best for choosing the airdrop. 
  • These crypto airdrops are sent free on the holder’s accounts, so AirdropMob and AirdropKing will help you out.
  • Metamask and Opensea are the better free crypto airdrops.


From where does the free crypto airdrop get?
  1. CoinMarketCap
  2. AirdropAlert
  3. Airdrops.io
  4. AirdropKing
  5. AirdropBob
Which are the best crypto airdrops?
  • Metamask- it is mainly used by the holders
  • Arbitron
How should you earn in the crypto airdrop?
  1. By learning and earn
  2. By playing games and earn
  3. Making by collecting with airdrops
From where we can get free crypto airdrop?
  1. Crypto popcorn
  2. Free cash
  3. Coinbase
  4. Coin hunt world
Is free crypto airdrop safe?

The holders should maintain the tokens and be aware of the scammers.

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