5 Best Upcoming NFT Projects

Looking for the best upcoming NFT projects? NFTs have changed the world of digital art, and the costs of well-liked creations are rising. But how do you determine which projects are worth looking for now? …

Looking for the best upcoming NFT projects? NFTs have changed the world of digital art, and the costs of well-liked creations are rising. But how do you determine which projects are worth looking for now?

All the projects on the list are the most promising new NFT projects. They have the potential to be successful because they have an excellent roadmap, a reliable, creative team, or other factors.

While some initiatives aspire to grow and interact with Metaverse, specific projects focus on gamification. While Los Muertos, Twisted Bears, and Full Belly Club are more focused on providing digital and IRL incentives, projects like Guardians of Sumantria are ideal for NFT enthusiasts searching for P2E possibilities.

Choosing an NFT project that best meets your interests is to look at its ecosystem.

Here are the top 5 upcoming NFT projects you can eye on:

#1 Twisted Bears NFT

Twisted Bears is a collection of 5,555 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) distributed on August 3, 2022. It was created randomly using a combination of 5 base characters and more than 400 attributes. It is one of the best upcoming NFT projects in 2022. Additionally, the NFTs are sold for 0.055 ETH on the allowlist and 0.069 ETH on the open market.

NFT holders can take advantage of the incentives program. It includes giveaways, surprise airdrops, and the provision of $BEAR ERC-20 tokens to the contributors. Users with two bears can also breed them to create a new NFT and use them in upcoming Play to Earn opportunities.

#2 Los Muertos NFT

Los Muertos, scheduled to debut in July 2022, consists of 10,000 NFTs assembled from more than 700 hand-drawn traits. Furthermore, the pricing of the future NFT Mints from Los Muerto is 0.04 ETH for allowlist/pre-sale users and 0.05 ETH for everyone else.

100% of the revenues from the upcoming 1000 NFT collection 0xLosMuertos will go to the owners of Los Muertos NFTs. Moreover, NFT holders have free access to Los Muertos products and trackers and allowlist chances.

#3 Meta Survivors Club NFT

Due to its 10,000 total full 3D character NFTs and three separate series of episodes (projects) in the future, MSC is included in our list of upcoming NFT projects. Additionally, individuals with more than 10 MSC will receive an airdrop of a Limited NFT, and private market royalties will be returned to the community wallet. 

Additionally, NFT holders will receive commercial rights, voting rights, and the chance to win airdrop from future NFT ventures. For example, Pawpaw racing and the upcoming NFTs season. With the plan’s activation, MSC will be incorporated into Metaverse, and other advantages will become available.

#4 Atlantic Voyage Ape Club

With a compilation of 3300 NFT, AVAC is one of the Ape-based Newest NFT Projects in 2022 with a vast theme. According to the current plan, NFT members have access to a cabin or stateroom on a fictitious RAS Titanic that they can later rent on OpenSea. 

The collection will go on sale for 0.07 ETH on complete sale and allowlist on April 9, 2022. As the roadmap develops, the AVAC team also plans to donate money to Ocean Cleanup.

#5 Guardians Of Sumantria

The planned NFT Projects 2022 title Guardians of Sumantria includes 6777 NFTs, pay-to-play strategic games, and PVP and P2E games. It stands at #5 on our list of upcoming NFT projects. NFT holders will get BOAZ by holding or participating in games, the token that powers the ecosystem. Furthermore, NFT holders can access VIP events, giveaways, and the Metaverse. Moreover, the owners of NFT will receive around a third of the proceeds from ticket sales.


Numerous NFT projects with a similar aesthetic were released for a lower price but went poorly on the market after the success of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Furthermore, many low-cost NFT projects have been launched, although they might not be able to deliver on their promises. If you haven’t done enough research, you should avoid cheap NFT projects.

Since they won’t be able to market their NFTs, most new NFT projects that initially appear affordable won’t see a gain in value in the future. The NFT projects won’t experience an increase in demand, making them worthless to the holder. However, if you have done your homework and believe the idea has promise, you may be able to obtain a low-cost NFT.


How to find a successful future NFT project?

With so many of today’s newest NFT projects being released, it can be challenging to choose the best ones. You can follow a future, well-known project and check out its most recent partnerships, or you can search Twitter for top-notch artwork.

What makes a good NFT project?

Some NFT initiatives, like the Space Traveler Club, provide virtual and tangible incentives. You can join an elite club and receive benefits like travel by purchasing their tokens. Utility-based NFTs are always valuable in some way.

How does NFT crypto work? 

The fact that NFT crypto ventures only issue a small number of tokens gives them value. They may become more valuable due to limited availability. Since the origin of these virtual assets can be tracked through the blockchain, these tokens assist consumers in knowing they are purchasing something genuine.

Where can I find NFT projects?

Twitter is the go-to place for learning everything there is to know about a brand-new NFT initiative in its early stages. Many NFT projects and online artists market their works and collections on Twitter because it is the most popular social networking and digital ad platform.

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