6 Best Ways to Get Free NFTs

Looking for ways to get free NFTs? Read on to find the six best ways to get free NFTs.  NFTs are taking over the world, yet their expensive pricing keeps them out of reach for …

Looking for ways to get free NFTs? Read on to find the six best ways to get free NFTs. 

NFTs are taking over the world, yet their expensive pricing keeps them out of reach for many. Many cryptocurrency users are looking into cheaper NFT alternatives, particularly the possibility of obtaining free NFTs. in this blog. You will learn how to get free NFTs.

How to Get Free NFTs?

Here are six ways to get free NFTs:

#1. NFT Giveaways

NFT giveaways are the best way to get free NFTs. Some NFT ventures give out free NFTs to people who openly participate in their projects, which we call NFT Giveaways.

Some ventures may necessitate working your way up from a low starting point, whereas others will be served to you on a silver platter. Joining the campaign on Twitter or Discord will keep you up to date on the next giveaway.

We recommend that you look for transaction costs when attempting to receive free NFTs. Platforms that charge hefty transaction fees will make you spend more. Even though the Ethereum platform has high processing fees, we prefer networks such as Solana, Polygon, WAX, and ADA since they have cheap transaction fees.

#2. NFT Breeding

Over the last 2-3 years, NFTs have become a highly profitable project to invest in because very few digital assets use the same ROI.

To begin with, NFTs can mate with one another to produce more NFTs, which has several advantages. It is possible to create your own NFTs from previously created offspring.

Furthermore, breedable NFTs allow you to make passive income from an NFT with vital breeding attributes. The only disadvantage is that the price of an NFT diminishes with time for all descendants.

#3. Play to Earn NFT Games

With the increasing popularity of Blockchain video games, play-to-earn games have emerged as the most popular option for gamers to make passive revenue from their hobbies.

NFTs can be earned free or purchased in games such as Alien Worlds and Farmers World. These NFTs help them improve their game performance and obtain their native token.

Most P2E games allow NFTs to be sold on exchanges, potentially earning the actual possessor money.

#4. Attend NFT Events

NFT events are indeed the way to go if you’re searching for a means to get free NFTs. Because NFTs continue to grow at a rapid pace.

These events will allow you to learn more about this unique technology that is still being adopted globally.

If you participate in these events, you will also receive free NFTs incentives. Some forthcoming events are Augmented Enterprise Summit, Siggraph 2022, Immerse Global Summit, and AI VR 2022.

#5. Create Your Own

NFTs are the next big thing in technology and many other fields. Hundreds of superstars and well-known brands try to get involved by developing NFTs, with a few developers making millions of dollars.

Before everything else, To begin manufacturing NFTs, you must first settle on a specific topic of interest.

Since NFTs have real-world utility, their applications are diverse. We can swiftly discuss music, memes, games, videos, and other media as long as you are the rightful owner of the thing.

Given that you’ve picked your NFT project, the next move is to begin minting your NFTs. You can incorporate royalties from subsequent sales in your projects.

Introducing Royalties enables you to generate a commission each time someone purchases your work. Choosing the right blockchain technology is also essential. The most prominent platforms to consider include Cardano, Cosmos, Ethereum Tezos, and Binance Smart Chain.

Last but not least, you’ll need a digital wallet to fund your enterprise in its early phases by paying cash in bitcoin.

Metamask, AlphaWallet, Math Wallet, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet are currently some of the most famous NFT wallets.

It would be best if you had some cryptocurrency in your wallet before you begin making and exchanging NFTs. NFTs may be created rapidly on platforms like NFT LaunchPad, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, crypto.com, Binance, GameStop, and DraftKings.

In addition, after paying the necessary gas expenses, your digital wallet to the marketplace will aid you in turning your digital file into a marketable NFT.

#6. NFT Airdrops

If you’ve been keeping up with the newest developments in the NFTs ecosystem, the term “airdrops” should be familiar.

Airdropping is the simultaneous distribution of non-fungible tokens or cryptocurrencies to several digital wallet addresses.

This is frequently done for initiatives that are just starting or have recently gone public.

To apply for an airdrop, you often need to hold a certain quantity of a specific asset, such as an NFT, or have used a particular service that permits you to qualify for an airdrop, like trading on an exchange.

Airdrops are essential to the Metaverse ecosystem because they allow token holders, including NFTs, to get value and utility.


NFTs’ future may extend beyond their link with art and gaming. They can give ownership confirmation, control licencing, and provide exclusive access.

It can also be beneficial to discover how to profit from this market. One approach to accomplish this is to consider free NFTs and how to acquire them. Our guide should have provided you with information on how to get started. You may now begin your NFT collection while saving money.


Is it expensive to create an NFT?

You should expect to pay a minimal charge to set up an NFT. However, OpenSea and Rarible enable us to create NFTs on Ethereum for free. This is referred to as “lazy minting.”

How do I obtain an NFT?

NFT markets include well-known platforms like OpenSea and Rarible. However, there are other ways to obtain NFTs for free, such as giveaways on social media or within games, as well as free minting.

How to get my first NFT?

First and foremost, you need a crypto wallet like MetaMask. It will help you trade or receive NFTs. After you link the wallet to an NFT platform, you will have to buy the NFT using crypto.

How is an NFT bought?

The method differs depending on the platform you use. Additionally, there are several platforms.

For example, on Top Shot, you can sign up to join a queue that could number in the thousands of NBA fans. You are chosen randomly to purchase a digital asset when it goes up for sale. While OpenSea solely accepts altcoins, Top Shot accepts fiat currency and cryptocurrencies.

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