7 Best Altcoin Exchanges in 2022

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Best Altcoin Exchanges2.1 Shapeshift2.2 Binance2.3 Coinbase2.4 Crypto.com2.5 Kraken2.6 Poloniex2.7 Changelly Alternative coins, or altcoins, are any cryptocurrency except Bitcoin, such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Uniswap, among countless more. What you want …


Alternative coins, or altcoins, are any cryptocurrency except Bitcoin, such as Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Uniswap, among countless more. What you want to invest in and the features you want in a trading platform will determine which altcoin exchanges is best for you.

To begin, you must create an account with a crypto exchange. You can purchase and sell altcoins using bitcoin on some businesses that support trading altcoin-bitcoin pairs. If you want to evaluate the performance of your investment in Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, trading altcoins against bitcoin is a terrific option.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges support a few different cryptocurrencies. The kinds of alternative coins you can purchase will vary depending on your business. Some cryptocurrency exchanges provide interest-bearing accounts, financial products, and pre-approved financing.

Best Altcoin Exchanges

Check out the list of the best altcoin exchanged on the market.


Shapeshift is one of the best altcoin exchanges on the market. It takes security seriously; therefore, users must confirm their email addresses before utilising its service and enable two-factor authentication. Additionally, users will receive tokens that they can use to regain access to their accounts if necessary. After customers create and authenticate their accounts, they can start trading up to $10,000 daily.

The transfer procedure is simple. Users decide which cryptocurrency they want to send funds to and which cryptocurrency they want to receive. They enter the address they wish to accept cryptocurrency at, and a different address will be given to them for sending cryptocurrency to be exchanged.

There will be an obvious economic factor and a clear indication of the miner fees. The exchange rate includes a ShapeShift fee of about 0.5%. Users can quickly switch from one altcoin to another, from one altcoin to another, or from one altcoin to another. At the moment, ShapeShift supports 40 cryptocurrencies, and it wants to add more in the future.

Additionally, ShapeShift has a native token called FOX. Users with a certain amount of FOX will eventually be able to access further
membership benefits, although these are not yet accessible. Users that validate their accounts receive 100 FOX.


Binance is one of the best altcoin exchanges on the market. With 1,313 of the top altcoins listed, Binance is the largest crypto exchange by trading volume and regularly adds new coins. Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT (a stablecoin tied to the USD), and BNB (Binance’s cryptocurrency) can be trading partners for cryptocurrencies. One of the most acceptable options for exchanging cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency is Binance. It has the highest liquidity because it is the most active exchange in volume. A wide range of projects are listed, and if necessary, projects may be removed from the list.

An order book, depth graph, and price chart are just a few of the expert trading tools that Binance offers.

The exchange’s fees are likewise very competitive. Lower costs are available to users who hold BNB, the native cryptocurrency of Binance. BNB was given out as a part of Binance’s 2017 ICO. On Binance, BNB can now be purchased and sold. Market makers, or traders who issue limited orders to offer much-needed liquidity, pay lesser fees. Market takers are traders that remove liquidity while obtaining the most excellent price at a particular moment.

Binance focuses primarily on trading between cryptocurrencies. By trading the pairs priced against USDT, exchange users can predict the value of cryptos priced against the US dollar. The opening of a partnership exchange in Singapore that will accept fiat currency has been mentioned by Binance.

These days, Binance now accepts Simplex for fiat to cryptocurrency exchanges. Recently, Binance relocated its corporate headquarters to Malta to become more regulated. It is expected that Binance will adhere to the restrictions being developed by Malta for enterprises engaged in cryptocurrency operations.


Look into Coinbase if you’re a beginner who wishes to invest in cryptocurrency. There are about 40 different altcoins available on Coinbase, and it has a unique feature that allows you to automatically change any altcoin into some other altcoin on its exchange.

Because it is a crypto brokerage rather than an exchange, Coinbase can do this. Coinbase rewards your account with the appropriate tokens; the two alternative coins are not exchanged for one another.

For iOS and Android, Coinbase provides a website and mobile application. You can use a wire connection or a credit card to finance your account with your bank. Alternatively, you can fund your account by transferring cryptocurrency to your Coinbase wallet.


Crypto.com is one of the best altcoin exchanges on the market. This is a crypto platform where you can store, transfer, and exchange over 90 different cryptocurrencies. Additionally, you may use your Crypto.com Visa Card to spend your cryptocurrency and receive up to 8% cash back anywhere Visa is accepted.

You may register an account on Crypto.com for free, and you can get verified in less than 5 minutes. The website provides customer support around-the-clock.

Along with the Visa card, other Crypto.com products include the DeFi Wallet, Crypto Pay, Crypto.com Exchange, Crypto Earn, and Crypto Credit. Crypto.com aspires to hasten the world’s conversion to cryptocurrencies, and its extensive selection of items can assist you in initiating your conversion.


Kraken is yet another exchange that permits margin trading. This supports significant fiat currencies, including the EUR, USD, and GBP so that traders can gamble long and short with their fiat money. The majority of crypto exchanges that work with fiat money do not support a large number of altcoins.

This places Kraken in a distinctive situation. It is an exchange where you may use your fiat currency to short cryptocurrencies, even though derivatives and margins are other ways to short altcoins. Users must pay a charge to create a margin position, although the costs are reasonable.

Depending on the volume exchanged, the costs decrease with time. Depending on the commodity being traded, a fee of 0.01% to 0.02% is applied when initiating a position with a margin. Additionally, 0.01% to 0.02% is paid every four hours. These costs can mount up if the user opens a lengthy post on margin, but they are relatively little for intraday trading.

Along with analysis tools, Kraken offers a professional set of tools that includes an account book, depth chart, recent trades printed, price chart, and more. One of the exchanges with the most liquidity is Kraken. It is the biggest exchange in the world for trading euro bitcoins. The business has a long history of operation and a name to uphold as it has been in business since 2011.

One of Kraken’s primary advantages is the ability to trade long and short positions in alternative currencies using fiat money. The margin capabilities also allow for the use of leveraged trading. The exchange’s liquidity and toolset increase the user’s value even further.

Kraken’s lack of the broadest selection of altcoins is its primary flaw in terms of altcoins. Kraken has a large selection of options for fiat currency exchanges. Still, it is limited compared to businesses specialising in crypto-to-crypto trading, like Bittrex, which offers over 500 pairs versus Bitcoin.


Poloniex is one of the best altcoin exchanges on the market. A cryptocurrency exchange called Poloniex has been in operation since 2014. Circle purchased it in February 2018. Some traders adore Poloniex, while others despise the trade. It has several significant advantages, but there are also some major drawbacks. Both will be noted here, and it is up to you whether or not to use this alternative cryptocurrency exchange.

The trading costs on Poloniex are reasonable and gradually drop with increased trading volume.

Margin trading, the opportunity to open short positions, and lending are some of the main elements that Poloniex provides. Trading with leverage is made possible by a margin. It increases their risk of losing money and potential rewards if they make wise bets. Depending on the state of the market at the moment, fees will be assessed on margin positions.

A margin position is started using borrowed money. In the exchange, members lend money to one another while defining the interest rate. Poloniex users can use their cash to lend to other traders in exchange for interest. Few bitcoin exchanges provide this feature. Users that employ margin trading also can take a short position. Only a few businesses offer this option as well.

Poloniex has several distinctive qualities, but it also has certain drawbacks. Numerous issues have arisen when individuals try to withdraw money from the exchange. Additionally, there have been complaints of users opening support tickets and the Poloniex crew ignoring them.

Users of the exchange must consider the benefits and the restrictions. Even though some people have trouble withdrawing money, users have also mentioned that switching to a different cryptocurrency and then withdrawing can be a workaround. The fact that Circle owns Poloniex is one of its main advantages.

VC firms like Goldman Sachs support the Circle, and if the exchange did not protect its users’ money, it would reflect poorly on the company and the VC firms.


Changelly is one of the best altcoin exchanges on the market. This functions precisely the same way. Bitcoin, altcoins, and altcoins to altcoins can all be exchanged by users. Once users have established their accounts, there are fewer restrictions on account setup, and they can exchange immediately. The miner fee and the exchange rate will be made clear.

It carries the same 0.5% fee as ShapeShift, and their exchange rate will reflect this. Over 120 coins may be exchanged with Changelly. A daily average of up to $20,000 and a monthly maximum of up to $50,000 are available to users.

This supports converting EUR and USD between cryptocurrencies, but Shapeshift exclusively supports cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency buyers can use debit or credit cards to make their purchases. To use this option, users must go through a validation process and pay higher costs of 5% to Changelly and 5% to the payment processor. The exchange of fiat currency for cryptocurrencies happens quickly, between 10 and 30 minutes.


Is it worth buying altcoins?

While choosing altcoins with a long track record, like Ethereum, can result in significant profits, investing in cryptocurrencies has a higher risk than other types of investments. Choosing suitable cryptocurrencies to invest in can offer investors substantial gains.

Which exchange has the most alternative coins?

Binance is the best altcoin exchange on the list we provided above, in our opinion. In addition to nearly 200 different cryptocurrencies supported, their fee structure is also very competitive. Users can access Binance from anywhere globally (including the US), and it continuously enhances its offering by collaborating with other cryptocurrency operators like Simplex. Altcoins can be exchanged for fiat money or another cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency exchange is the most reliable?

All of the Altcoin exchanges on this list are trustworthy, and the majority have licences and are governed by various agencies.

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