Best Crypto Tax Software in 2022

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Use of crypto tax software: 3 Following are the best crypto tax software:3.1 #1 Koinly:3.2 #2 Zenledger:3.3 #3 Cointracker:3.4 #4 Accounting:3.5 #5 Coinledger:4 Conclusion: Best Crypto tax software has automated monotonous tasks …


Best Crypto tax software has automated monotonous tasks and offers documentation with ready-to-file. Usually, the tax software gets transaction data from your wallets and exchanges. They the history of transaction records of crypto with profit and loss. 

The cryptocurrency tax software has many options on online platforms which is authentic and reputable. They compare the tax software, which involves customer support, pricing, holders’ experience, and the level of all crypto transaction history.

Use of crypto tax software: 

  1. Integrations that support all stablecoins, tokens, and exchanges.
  2. Automated Data Input helps to take all transaction records into a single spreadsheet that is easy to understand and keep all records regularly.
  3. Ready-to-use paperwork is used for auditing track, profit & loss data, and other paperwork which keeps them on the latest tax.
  4. A suite of features ensures that users don’t have to pay taxes on the transactions for both sender and receiver and has a double-checking capability that prevents similar transactions.
  5. Security keeps crypto tax software, keeps data secure from similar transactions and uses it friendly.     

Following are the best crypto tax software:

  1. Koinly
  2. Zenledger
  3. CoinTracker
  4. Accounting
  5. Coinledger 

#1 Koinly:

Kindly is the best crypto tax software used software for crypto tax. It is easy to connect with all the exchanges, wallets, blockchain addresses, and services to provide a clear idea about the invested money on different platforms. Only platforms eliminate the risk on the record of your transactions which cannot be tracked or hacked by another system. This system has all automated importing data to get information about all imported information. Besides calculation and report, it only offers particular transaction filtering and sorting.

Advantages of koinly:

  • Kindly has comprehensive tax reports
  • This platform is friendly to use and has real-time profit, loss, and ROI.
  • For better transaction tracking, they have a double-entry ledger system
  • The kindly platform allows exporting the other tax software
  • This platform is best for international tax calculations and also for filing

Disadvantages of koinly:

  • The free plan of koinly they don’t involve any tax report
  • In koinly, they have only email support for the trader plan subscribers.

#2 Zenledger:

Zenledger is a reliable crypto software tool that makes the transaction easy to import and also makes tracking. This Zenledger platform is specially designed for crypto taxes free from errors and protects from hacking and neglected transactions. It can also take responsibility for handling the calculation reports and also gain your capital & losses. These platforms have Grand Unified Accounting, which has proprietary features from which they combine all the transactions recorded on a single spreadsheet. Zenledger supports over 400 exchanges and 30 decentralized finance. 

Advantages of Zenledger:

  • Zenledger includes all tracking and also has all transaction details.
  • This platform involves tax-loss harvesting
  • Zenledger has excellent customer service

Disadvantages of Zenledger:

  • Operate the system is only in the US
  • Zenledger has unlimited pricier transactions.

#3 Cointracker:

Cointracker is another platform which is most popular they have millions of users. This platform conduct to tax reports within a minute and is instantly send to TurboTax. In this system, you can calculate the capital gains and, profit & losses. These coin tracker platforms are supported by countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and many others. Cointracker is helping over 10,000 cryptocurrencies. 

Advantages of Cointracker:

  • Cointracker has its applications in Android and IOS systems
  • These platforms provide 12 distinct methods for furnishing the reports of tax. 
  • Cointracker supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

Disadvantages of Cointracker:

  • The coin tracker supports the chat, not for a free plan subscribers
  • This free plan allows only 25 transactions

#4 Accounting:

Accounting is the best crypto tax software tool that analyzes the crypto tax work. This platform is suitable for beginners of the crypto holders because fresher don’t want many complex technical features like other tools. Fresher can easily access transaction import through API connect and manual input. These platforms have one unique feature, i.e. crypto tax calculator which observes IRS tax guidelines. They have various country regulations for tax calculator iterations like US, Swiss, UK, German, Austrian, etc. these platforms support over 300 exchanges.

Advantages of Accounting:

  • They have schemes of customizable tax
  • Accounting involves tax-loss harvesting
  • They allow generating the US as well as European tax reports

Disadvantages of Accounting:

  • Accounting has a hobbyist pal which allows only 500 transactions
  • They have only limited customer service for non-pro plans

#5 Coinledger:

Coinledger is the well-founded crypto tax software that makes reports of tax generation fuss-free. They have around 300,000 users, which give unlimited support and provide notices of profit & loss. This Coinledger platform allows you to import the tax data from different crypto venues, and they give you a downloadable tax which can also send other tax software. This tool is perfect for those who are not much interested in technology. Coinledger supports over 10,000 cryptocurrencies across the world.

Advantages of Coinledger:

  • Coinledger has comprehensive audit support
  • They calculate the transactions of Ethereum and NFT
  • They include tax-loss harvesting
  • They mix up well with all most crypto exchanges
  • They prepare short and long-term sales reports, crypto income, profit & loss.

Disadvantages of Coinledger:

  • Coinledger doesn’t accept cryptocurrency as a payment


To conclude with the best crypto tax software, have transaction data from your crypto wallets and exchange. There is a list of the best crypto tax software and several online platforms. May this above information helps you to get all details about the best crypto tax software.  


TurboTax is good for crypto?

TurboTax online is currently controlled in cryptocurrency taxes with import coverage. Whether the customer is investing in the cryptocurrency by Coinbase, Robinhood, or any other exchanges, TurboTax helps get all details to guide about import ideally like the other cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency tax is free?

The Zenledger and Koinly are the free cryptocurrency taxes. And rest have the fees like Taxbit, have $50/year and Tokentax, which has $65/year.

Which is the best crypto tax software among koinly and coin trackers?

The koinly is the best crypto tax software. Because it is better than a coin tracker, it is affordable and easier to control the platform. The koinly crypto tax software is much more accurate.

In which country there is free crypto tax?

– The following are the countries that have crypto tax free i.e. 

Germany, Belarus, Portugal, Singapore, Malaysia, Malta, EI Salvador, Cayman Islands, and Puerto Rico are ten countries having crypto tax-free.

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