Best NFT Community to Join 2022

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Best NFT Community2.1 Rarible2.2 Larva Labs2.3 OG Crystal2.4 Vee Friends2.5 CrypToadz2.6 MekaVerse2.7 Cool Cats2.8 Art Blocks2.9 Punks Comic2.10 Lucky Maneki3 Conclusion Are you looking for the best NFT community to join? …


Are you looking for the best NFT community to join? Check this post out. 

People passionate about certain NFTs and blockchain applications make up the NFT community. Audience members can stay updated on the newest news, digital items, and more by joining such clubs.

An NFT community is a group of active buyers, sellers, or traders of NFTs. Each digital file contains audio, video, pictures, artwork, and other material. These forums’ main objectives are to talk about and trade NFTs.

Best NFT Community

Which is the best NFT community in the sector? Check out the list below:


Rarible stands at #1 in the best NFT community list. It aspires to be a self-sufficient platform with a community-based governance model.

An NFT marketplace focused on creators where you may create, trade, and collect digital goods secured by blockchain. Over 40,000 people use the NFT community Discord server, which features a range of channels from general to help to memes.

Larva Labs

Larva Labs is arguably best known for its CryptoPunk and Autoglyphs crypto art projects. This is where the corporate and experimental initiatives are located. The team behind them has previously held positions at Google and Microsoft.

If you’re a participant in the Crypto artwork project community, you can join the Larva Labs discord server.

OG Crystal

It is the best NFT community for art enthusiasts. The undertaking expands daily. OG Crystal’s fans have already created over 15,000 accounts.

The NFTs in the project resemble rendered “crystals.” They grow and transform with each product they sell. Numerous different types of data are considered and processed, including:

  • Buyers’ crypto wallet
  • Blockchain number
  • Transaction time
  • ETH balance

All of this aids in the development of distinctive coral and crystalline forms. The transformation process is performed several times before the result is “frozen” in a particular shape. There are NFT communities devoted to this project on many different platforms.

Vee Friends

Vee Friends is among the best Discords to date and provides a tonne of assistance and direction to anyone looking to explore the realm of NFTs but unsure of where to start.

Gary Vee is the founder of the firm. He foresaw the emergence of the internet and social networks and how everything would develop into something essential to our daily lives.


CrypToadz Discord is, without a doubt, one of the funniest and most influential communities on the market right now. This NFT community developed the initiative, which has been a big success. The neighbourhood is currently quite vibrant and friendly. If you wish to learn more about NFTs and get engaged in an useful project, join the CrypToadz community.


Japan’s Mecha worlds provided the inspiration for the 8,888 generative Mekas that make up The MekaVerse. Each piece of art is unique due to its composition, colour scheme, and design. There are now more than 150,000 members of the Makaverse Discord server.

You will have quick access to what is happening in the Mekaverse universe if you are a community member. If you’re not looking to purchase a “Meka,” this is an excellent project and community to follow for ideas and to stay on top of the latest developments in the field.

Cool Cats

Have you heard about the Cool Cats NFT community? On the Ethereum platform, software generates the Cool Cats NFTs at random. Out of more than 300,000 possible permutations, 10,000 cats are assembled at random. Every cool cat has a unique body, cap, face, and attire.

A relaxed cat environment includes, among other things, community, growth, and collaboration. Join their Discord Community to learn more about the crypto art scene.

Art Blocks

Art Blocks is the name of the first platform specialised to customizable on-demand dynamic entertainment. Content is preserved in an unchangeable manner on the Ethereum Blockchain.

An algorithm will produce a random material version and send it to your Ethereum account after you pick the style and make the payment.

The final result could be a static photograph, 3D model, or interactive experience. The types of content created on the platform can be made in almost any way, and each output is distinctive.

Punks Comic

One of the most innovative NFT efforts to date offers characters. Specifically, a comic book about a group of CryptoPunks: it’s an actual comic that fosters community ownership while building punk culture.

Some subscribers will get VIP advantages like a cut of the profits from the comic, the artist’s previous works, or product discounts.

Lucky Maneki

Lucky Maneki is also a good NFT community to join. A decentralised network of writers, content creators, blockchain developers, and NFT enthusiasts created the Lucky Maneki artefacts project.

This project is meant to be the small team’s first move toward creating a genuinely decentralised autonomous organisation with thousands of members while striving to make one of the most enjoyable and captivating NFT collectables experiences.


An NFT project’s performance correlates with the NFT community’s success. Fans, potential investors, NFT developers looking for inspiration, and other users routinely visit them.

Each developer must devise a unique strategy to draw attention to their non-fungible tokens to promote their projects. It is possible to find these communities using various social media platforms and other tools.


Which marketplace is best for NFT?

The open sea is the best NFT marketplace out there. The platform allows users to conduct direct, trustless transactions with one another because it is a decentralised, peer-to-peer exchange.

Is NFT worth getting into?

An NFT has worth because the purchaser and their community think it has worth, which is valid for all art and collectables. And with time, an NFT develops more of its personality due to who owns it and how they have utilised it.

Where can I invest in NFT?

You can invest in NFTs through top NFT marketplaces such as Rarible, OpenSea, super rare, and Foundation. There are other specialised markets for specific assets.

How do I find NFT buyers?

You may also try looking for NFT collectors online if you are beginning. Twitter is a beautiful place to start because there are many NFT collectors, and one of them can become your next customer. Contacting prior customers or potential customers who tried your auctions would be another option.

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