Easy Guide to Understand NFT Transfer

Nowadays, NFTs are booming in the crypto world. If you want to get into the NFT market, you must learn about NFT transfer. It is an important component in the NFT market. With NFT art …

Nowadays, NFTs are booming in the crypto world. If you want to get into the NFT market, you must learn about NFT transfer. It is an important component in the NFT market. With NFT art selling in the millions nowadays, you must understand how to treat your digital asset like any valuable art piece you own in the real world. In this post, you will learn everything about NFT transfer.

Installing MetaMask

First and foremost, you will need a MetaMask wallet to start with the NFT transfer process. You can send and receive NFTs with it. MetaMask is the industry’s best non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, with over 10 million active monthly users. MetaMask, which may be used as a browser extension or a mobile application, enables you to store, administer, and transfer Ether and ERC-20 tokens.

When you set up your account, you will be offered the option of creating a wallet and adding a password that will grant you exclusive access to the report. As a backup, you will also be provided with a seed phrase. However, once MetaMask is up and going, you’re ready for NFT transfer.

NFT Transfer Step by Step Guide

Want to learn how to do an NFT transfer? Follow the steps below:

NFT Transfer: Sending An NFT

Here’s a simple tutorial on how to send an NFT across Ethereum wallets. This process is similar to trading an NFT. Follow the steps below to send an NFT to somebody right away:

Step 1: You can start the process by installing the smartphone app if you wish to send an NFT with MetaMask. The browser extension does not currently enable NFT transfers, although this is likely to change anytime soon.

Step 2: To get a list of all the NFTs you own, go to the “NFTs” tab. Choose the one you want to transfer and move on to the next stage.

Step 3: Now comes the crucial phase. You will be asked for the receiver’s address, which they should’ve already given you. 

However, you may copy and paste the link into the space. Make cautious about doubling (or even quadrupling); verify the addresses to ensure they match because once the NFT is sent, there is no turning back. Click ‘Next’ and follow the regular transaction steps when you’re finished.

Step 4: It’s finally time to pay the gas cost. For the time being, you must choose between “Slow,” “Average,” and “Fast.” The bigger the fees, the faster you choose the alternative—more on that in a moment.

Step 5: Now, all that remains is for you to validate the transaction on the ledger. One of the most incredible places to start is the website Etherscan. To check the exchange status, type the transaction ID into Etherscan’s search field or click “View On Etherscan” immediately on MetaMask. Your NFT transfer is complete when you see the term “Success” on the transaction screen.

NFT Transfer: Receiving An NFT

When you purchase an NFT, the digital asset is usually delivered immediately to your wallet through the marketplace. If this is not the scenario, the seller will have to mail it to you personally. This is how it works:

Step 1: Open MetaMask, copy your address and deliver it to the sender. Check for errors and that your address is entirely correct.

Step 2: Once you’re satisfied that you’ve provided the correct address to the center, give them the green signal and instruct them to make the NFT transfer. Once they’ve sent it, request the transaction ID (TXID) from them.

Step 3: Search Etherscan for the transaction using the TXID. The blockchain should immediately show evidence of the transaction. You are the new owner of the NFT after the TX is confirmed.

Step 4: Sometimes, the NFT may not automatically appear in your wallet. You should worry if this situation arises. You have to enter the NFT into the MetaMask app manually. Return to the NFTs tab and click on “Import NFT.” After that, you will be asked to insert the token address and the collectible ID. Both of these will be readily available to you.

Cost of NFT Transfer

When you do a transaction on the Ethereum platform, you must pay a fee known as “gas.” Gas is simply a network fee paid to producers to reimburse them for the energy spent mining fresh ETH tokens.

However, the gas rates for transferring an NFT vary greatly depending on how congested the network is. The busier it gets, the more costly it is to transfer an NFT. During peak seasons, you can expect to transmit an NFT for between $1 and $20. When it’s busy, nevertheless, prices can quickly skyrocket.

It is not rare for gas rates to exceed $200 for an NFT transfer. Always keep this in mind – if you want to save money in this process, do not do the transfer during peak hours.


Anyone who owns the seed phrase for your wallet has direct exposure to it. Give no one your seed combination or any data about your wallet’s account. When sending any NFT to another wallet, always double-check that you have entered the correct recipient address. If you send an NFT to the incorrect wallet, there seems to be no way to recover it unless the receiver sends it back to you. If you’re transferring an NFT to somebody and expecting payments in exchange, have the recipient transfer the payment to your wallet before shipping away your valuable NFT. Before sending any NFT, always ensure that the correct currency and payment amount have been received in your wallet.


Can you transfer NFT?

Yes, you can send and receive NFTs.

How long do NFT transfers take?

Approximately three days.

How do I cash out NFT?

You can transfer the NFT to a marketplace, where you can sell it.

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