Free NFT Drops You Should Track

As we know, NFT is a cryptographic asset based on blockchain technology, and also they have their unique identification codes. They cannot be recreated. Moving forward with the NFT, there is an NFT drop and …

As we know, NFT is a cryptographic asset based on blockchain technology, and also they have their unique identification codes. They cannot be recreated. Moving forward with the NFT, there is an NFT drop and a Free NFT drops that should be tracked. While going deeper into this topic, we should first know what an NFT drop is? An NFT drop is the release of a Non-Fungible Token Project, which refers to the exact time, and the date to create the price of the NFT.

To prevent from such scam should follow the following steps:

  • While buying the drops, don’t buy them just because it is affordable.
  • NFTs that you don’t enjoy, don’t buy them.
  • Avoid purchasing a drop before doing your research.
  • Avoid becoming a victim of a scam.
  • Don’t connect your wallet to suspicious sites.
  • Take out information in detail and research deeply about the creators & intentions of the project.
  • Never give your wallet’s private key to anyone.
  • Some of the best places to find an NFT drop:
  Where to find nft drops                        Types of drops
1) Social Media:Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter etc.
2) Instant Messaging:Discord & social media, where similar platforms, are superb places for uncovering new drops.
3) Word of Mouth:Tell some friends, make some friends with other folks.
4) Metaverse:All virtual worlds. These are the digital tokens .
5) Marketplaces:Opensea, Raible, Candy, SupeRare.
6) PodcastsPodcasts that talk about relevant info, for ex-, marketing, technology, and investing, will speak about NFTs .

There are 4 Free NFT Drops:

Real utility and unique features-

  • Sneaky’s Internet Friends(SNIF):
  • Yogies
  • Illogics
  • Magic Monkies
  1. Sneaky’s Internet Friends ( SNIF)-
  • SNIF is created by @sneakyninjapants, which is the project founder.
  • SNIF are a free NFT that provides holders with a SNIF card that will passively earn token.
  • SNIF can buy on Opensea, and it is based on art and artist.
  • Behind the SNIF project, the commencing motivation is that in the NFT space, there was frustration from all the scams, cash grabs, and rug pulls.
  • Owning a SNIF card will earn you a $SNIF token, which can be helpful for the safelist spot.
  1. When? Soon!
  2. How many? 2000
  3. How much? FREE (+ gas fee)
  4. Discord: 22,000 members
  5. Twitter: 39,000 followers
  1. Yogies-
  • Yogies is a collection of 4,444 colorful little yogis.
  •  Only 3,333 yogies are actually available in the creator. 
  • Each of these yogies can earn you 10$GEMIES per day, the project native token which will be used to claim the remaining 1,111 yogies.
  •  After mint there will be 1,000 normal yogis available at 100$GEMIES each 111 VIYS at 700$GEMIES each.
  1. When? TBA 
  2. How many? 4,444
  3. How much? FREE (+ gas)
  4. Discord: 37,000 members
  5. Twitter: 11,000 followers
  1. Illogics-
  • Illogics is the most advance and upgrading of the free NFT drops.
  • They have already an impressive following of more than 62,000 on Twitter. 
  1. When? TBA
  2. How many? FREE(+ gas fee)
  3. Discord: Unknown
  4. Twitter: 62,000 followers
  1. Magic Monkies:
  • Magic Monkies is slightly different from other projects.
  •   This project already has 14,000 discord members and 17,000 Twitter followers, so I believe this project has some potential.
  1. When? TBA
  2. How many? TBA
  3. How much? FREE(+ gas fee)
  4. Discord: 14,000 members
  5. Twitter: 17,000 followers

Trending Free NFT Projects which can be track:

  • Now, you might wonder why keep track of top trending NFTs.
  •  As there is a widely spreading NFTs market, it is also highly recommended.
  • While looking forward to making profits. Now, who determines the rarity of an NFT? 
  • Before we get into the primary purpose, let us first understand NFT rarity.

What is NFT Rarity?

If an NFT is extremely rare, it turns out to be extremely valuable. That is why people try to plan that NFT which will buy that should be rare or not. So, that’s why the rarity of an NFT pushes its prices high.

It will be the best artwork, and some points should go through it:

  • Properties of the NFT should understand properly with its rarity and its process.
  • Take all information about the NFT creator and whether they have a community.
  • Analyze the current price of the NFT.
  • Find out how many pieces of NFT exist in the market a day also.
  • Research on the right platform where you can find the best NFT.

Best tools to track Free NFT Drops new and also trending:

  1. BitDegree
  2. NFT Onchained
  3. Moby
  6. Opensea
  7. NFT drops calender
  8. DappRadar
  9. Upcoming NFT
  10. NFT Evening
  11. Coin Rivet


  • As we see above first three free NFT drop i.e. Sneaky’s Internet Friends, Yogies, Illogics innovative projects which bring a unique feature to the scene. 
  • The Magic Monkies project is slightly dissimilar. you should look for the better which hope to get a fantastic piece of art.
  • As they are free after all, so have fun with them.
  • And the NFT space definitely should not be all about big money and always have the best ROI.


Are free NFTs are valuable?
  • You take out money or else get it free are highly speculative assests.
  • Their demand and value depend on factors ranging from the project’s success to the collective effort from its community
  • Opportunities exist; in fact, the highly sought after crypto punks collection was given out for free to anyone with an Ethereum wallet back in 2017.
Why some of the NFTs are free ?
  • Some of the NFTs are free for the dealing/buying and selling/business for promoting or marketing their products.
  • Collectors can get benefit from free NFTs.
  • They also announce free NFT giveaways & airdrops to gain a rapid following.
How do we get free NFTs?

There are many options to score NFTs free of charge & also play play-to-earn NFT games.

Are there free NFT drops?
  • There are games like Alien World & Farmer World in free drops, which offer a bonus for active participation.
  • Some of the free games in which to play blockchain games offer free-in-game assets at the start of the game.

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