How To Trade the Cup and Handle Chart Pattern

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A specialized signal that resembles a mug with a handle is called a cup and handle chart pattern on a security’s price map. Still, the handle has a slight downcast drift, and the Cup is shaped like a”u.” The cup and handle chart pattern is regarded as a bullish signal, and lower trade volume is constantly seen on the right side of the confirmation. The pattern may take seven to 65 weeks to form. When employing this signal, specialized dealers should set a stop-buy order just above the upper trendline of the pattern’s handle. How to Make Plutocrats in Stocks, an outstanding work on technical analysis published in 1988, is where William J.O’Neil firstly introduced the pattern.

Launch by watching the price changes on a chart to honour the Cup and handle chart patterns. The pattern begins to take shape when there’s a rapid-fire decline in price. The price also experiences a period of comparatively stable behaviour. Then follows a rally that matches the dip that preceded it. The chart’s’ you’ shape, formed by these movements, pertains to the Cup.

What Can You Learn from a Cup and Handle Chart Pattern?

American expert William J.O’Neil added technical specifications in a series of papers published in Investor’s Business Daily, which he started in 1984, before defining the Cup and handled ( C&H) chart pattern in his 1988 classic.  O’Neil provided time frame measures for each element and a thorough explanation of the pattern’s distinctive teacup appearance and rounded lows. Investors who preliminarily made purchases in similar situations are likely to apply selling pressure as a stock displaying this pattern tests former highs. As a result, before prices move overhead, dealing stress is anticipated to spawn them to consolidate with a propensity toward a downward trend for four days to four weeks.

It graces allowing about the accompanying while distinguishing Cup and handle designs.

Length- For the utmost part, cups with more extended, and that is only the tip of the iceberg,” U” moulded bottoms give a more predicated signal. Avoid cups with sharp” V” shaped bottoms.

Depth- The Cup should not be exorbitantly profound in a perfect world. Keep down from exorbitantly deep handles, as handles ought to frame in the top portion of the cup design.

Volume- Volume ought to dwindle as costs decline and remain below the norm in the foundation of the coliseum. Latterly it ought to also increase when the stock starts to take its action advanced, back over to test the once high.

A pretest of once opposition is not anticipated to communicate or come extremely close to the old high. Nevertheless, the further the loftiest point of the handle is down from the highs, the further critical the route should be.

How to Trade with the Cup and Handle Chart Pattern 

The most straightforward strategy for trading the Cup and handle is to seek openings to begin an extended position. The illustration below shows the authentic Cup and take chart pattern arrangement.

Only if the price breaks the pattern’s resistance should orders be executed. Dealers that use an aggressive entrance may encounter excessive slippage and initiate a false route. An optional procedure is to trust that the cost will close over the handle’s upper pattern line before placing an arrestment request just underneath the illustration’s position and awaiting a prosecution assuming the cost follows. However, there’s a chance of missing the sale, If the price surges forward without reversing.

Limitations of Cup and handle chart pattern

The Cup and handle should be utilized in confluence with other signals and specialized pointers before making a trading decision, just like all other technical pointers. Interpreters have noted certain restrictions, specifically with the Cup and handle. First, it might take some time for the pattern to take shape, which might beget rushed opinions fully. While the average period for the conformation of a cup and handle is one month to one time, it can also develop fairly fleetly or take several times to establish itself, making the time frame uncertain in some situations.

Moreover the volume of the cup portion of the conformation is another problem. A more bottomless cup can sometimes produce a deceiving signal, while a shallower cup sometimes can. The Cup can sometimes form without the distinctive handle. One final debit of numerous specialized patterns is that they might be unreliable inequities that aren’t liquid.


The benefit of the Cup and handle pattern is that it offers a favourable threat-price rate and a high success rate. Still, as the price rises, don’t forget to set your stop loss and track your stop loss. Also, it would help if you kept a close eye on the loudness because flights with low volume are less likely to last. Based on other specialized factors, you may also confirm the strength of the route.


What Does a Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Explain with Examples?

A cup and handle is a specialized pointer where the value development of security looks like a “cup” trailed by a descending moving cost design. This drop, or “handle”, is intended to flag a purchase and open the door to go long on security. When this piece of the value development is finished, the guard might switch course and arrive at new highs. Ordinarily, cup and handle designs fall between seven weeks to more than a year.

How Can I Find a Pattern for a Cup and Handle?

Think of a situation where a stock hit a high following strong momentum but has now corrected, dropping nearly 50%. An investor can buy the store at this time in the hope that it will rise once more to its earlier levels. After testing the prior high resistance levels, the stock eventually recovers and enters a sideways trend. The store surpasses these resistance levels in the final leg of the pattern, rising 50% higher than the prior high.

What Follows the Formation of a Cup and Handle Pattern?

In the short- to medium-term, the price should rise significantly if a cup and handle develop and is confirmed. This bull run would not have been seen if the pattern were to break.

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