Is flippening possible after the Ethereum Merge?

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The word flippening came up in the year 2017Flippening alludes to the potential second when Ethereum will charge above Bitcoins and become the world’s most significant digital money. At this point, Bitcoin was the primary digital money to be imagined. It has had the most critical market cap starting from the start. Be that as it may, in mid-2018, it endured a shot and diminished by a couple of markets focuses. This brought about the plan to numerous financial backers that the flippening could occur. One of the principal justifications for why many were expecting the flippening is that Ethereum is viewed as more adaptable. It likewise enjoys various benefits, including the likelihood of composing intelligent contracts.

All about the Flippening

Flippening, to a certain extent, took place in November 2019. The total number of transactions for ERC-20 exceeded the total number of transactions for Ethereum. This is evidence that the value of ether and the Ethereum blockchain, as well as its numerous applications, have risen quickly. Ethereum demonstrated that it had attracted the curiosity of multiple investors in both 2020 and 2021. Many people’s attention is currently being drawn to the surge in ether prices, which has led many of them to switch to the Ethereum network.

The next phase of blockchain implementation is anticipated to be Ether and Ethereum. For the flipping to occur, you need to comprehend a few key things that even the market must evaluate. Let’s take a closer look.

Transactions vs Applications

Whether or not cryptocurrencies can be utilized in transactions is a critical factor that must be considered. Over the years, many people have paid attention to this debate. They are as good as speculative investments if they cannot be utilized for transactions. All cryptocurrencies will continue to be recognized as property for tax purposes in the United States. These factors have significant ramifications. Every cryptocurrency transaction has the potential to involve some level of the tax burden. This is bad news for Bitcoin investors.

System versus Asset

The market value of both Ethereum and Bitcoin should be considered when comparing them. Every currency transacts on the crypto market is subject to price volatility, a regular occurrence in the crypto world. Given the volatility of the underlying assets, it is feasible for one cryptocurrency to surpass another in market size and value.

Pricing and Variation

A number of new cryptocurrencies don’t have the characteristics that attract investors. The market, however, is still growing. This demonstrates that more and more crypto assets are available for use as investment vehicles. So, when the market expands and changes, flippening may occur, and new cryptocurrencies may replace existing ones.

Is flippening possible after the Ethereum Merge?

As the Ethereum Merge is around the bend, individuals in the crypto business are pondering where the diggers will go. At the same time, others are considering whether Ethereum’s local symbolic Ether (ETH) will overwhelm Bitcoin (BTC) regarding market capitalization after the Union. Even though it is simply living in fantasy land, particularly for the ETH holders, Ethereum fills in as the foundation of Web3. In this way, the Consolidation will undoubtedly influence many ventures living on the chain.

ETH’s flippening still lengthy approach

As per, “flippening” alludes to the speculative snapshot of ETH surpassing BTC. This is known as the most significant digital money and the principal metric to decide “the flippening ” is the market capitalization (or market cap). Consequently, with different elements including dynamic locations, exchange count, exchanges volume, exchanging volume, complete exchange charges, hub count and prevalence on Google.

Notwithstanding, the information on the site above showed that the collected measurements stand at 48.3%, as it were. This is more than most before hitting 100 per cent to show that ETH and BTC have a similar market capitalization. Presently, the market capitalization of ETH is $203B, as displayed on CoinMarketCap. In the interim, as per a similar coin positioning site, the market capitalization of BTC is at $378B by press time.


Over time, many people have chosen to invest in cryptocurrencies. Although, over time, Bitcoin has had a more significant market cap than Ethereum, probably, Ethereum will soon overtake Bitcoin. This “flippening” has generated a lot of controversy among investors and is anticipated to occur quickly.


Can the Flippening happen?

Bodhi Pinkner, an analyst at crypto asset manager Arca, stated that the flippening “is extremely likely.” We have a favourable opinion of Ethereum,” he said, adding that it will experience deflation after the Merge.

Why does sending Ethereum to cost so much money?

Due to the massive demand for Ethereum, transaction fees might occasionally be quite expensive. The cost of Ethereum gas, however, may fluctuate based on the time of day; the larger the volume of transactions, the higher the charge.

What does ETH BTC Flippening entail?

The notion of an underdog surpassing a victor is “flippening.” In this instance, the hypothesis is that Ethereum’s market cap will beat that of bitcoin.

What does the crypto term “flippening” mean?

In 2017, the phrase “flippening” first appeared. Flippening refers to the potential point at which Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin and takes the lead as the largest cryptocurrency in the world. As of right now, Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency.

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