KuCoin Review 2022: Is It Safe & Trustworthy?

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Are you looking for the KuCoin Review 2022? Get to know about this platform’s critical aspects and determine if it suits your needs. Continue reading to learn more.

KuCoin is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange with an easy-to-use and secure platform. It is an easy-to-use trading platform for digital currencies, including Litecoin, Ripple (XRP), Ethereum, and Bitcoin. KuCoin is also well renowned for its IEO or token launch platform, which is the centre of attention. Another noteworthy aspect of the KuCoin network is the ability to lend cryptocurrency. Users of KuCoin also have access to several platform features, such as free cryptocurrency exchange, earning rewards for staking, paying for crypto using debit and credit cards, and more.

Users can profit from cryptocurrency lending by giving borrowers their cryptocurrency tokens. Shortly after the initial cryptocurrency’s launch, many other cryptocurrencies became widely used. These crypto-assets are great for speculative investing because of the cryptocurrency market’s extreme volatility. Trading in cryptocurrencies was formerly prohibited on exchanges for fiat currency. Cryptocurrency exchanges were developed so cryptocurrency investors could buy and sell crypto tokens. The KuCoin exchange accepts traders of all skill levels.

KuCoin Review – Overview

KuCoin is a well-known company in the cryptocurrency market, having established itself as a significant one-stop shop for all types of cryptocurrency activities. The exchange, launched in August 2017 and now offers over 200 cryptocurrencies and more than 400 markets, has become one of the most vibrant online centres for cryptocurrencies. 

It provides a range of crypto services, including

  • a built-in P2P exchange, margin, and futures trading, 
  • buying cryptocurrency using bank cards, 
  • instant exchange services, 
  • the ability to earn cryptocurrency by lending or staking via its Pool-X, 
  • the chance to participate in new initial exchange offerings (IEOs), and much more. 
  • Bank-level security, a sleek interface, and a beginner-friendly user experience design. 

KuCoin Review – General Info

Official Websitehttps://www.kucoin.com/
Found in2017
Native TokenYes
Listed Cryptocurrencies600+
Trading Pairs1000+
Supported Fiat Currencies50+
Supported CountriesUK, US, Singapore, India, Canada, Australia, Russia, & more
Minimum DepositNo
Deposit FeesNo
Withdrawal FeesDepends on the currency involved
Customer Support24/7

KuCoin Review: Advantages

This supports more than 600 tradable assets, making it the leading alternative currency. It is also a platform that enables users to profit from a wide range of services and goods. The website has security and safety safeguards that reduce the risks of exchanging digital assets. The platform offers end-to-end trading solutions, from automated trading robots to cutting-edge API solutions for better trading tactics.

KuCoin Review: Futures Trading

KuMEX was the former name of the KuCoin futures or contract trading business. This service lets users buy/sell future standard contracts for the assets. Defined, the seller must deliver the item at the agreed-upon time and price, whilst the buyer enters the order to acquire the support for a specified price and time (future).

KuCoin offers up to 100x leverage for margin trading. The key benefit of this high level of power is the ability to trade contracts valued more than the trading funds in one’s account. 

The contracts that are often traded are BTC and USDT.

Typically, it comes in two varieties: Futures Lite and Futures Pro.

KuCoin Review: Trading Bot

Trading bots are the best way to generate passive income while limiting losses. Five trading bot types are available on the KuCoin mobile app: Futures Grid, Infinity Grid, Spot Grid, DCA, and Smart Rebalance.

Regardless of the cryptocurrency asset traded via the exchange, automated trading robots are pretty helpful for creating a passive income. Traders can use five distinct trading techniques, including DCA, futures grid, and classic grid, with KuCoin’s trading bots.

A classic grid is a straightforward trading method that uses selling orders and buying positions to capitalize on market changes. It entails purchasing orders at a discount and reselling them for a profit. Trading robots can be optimized by traders even when they lack sufficient market understanding. The standard grid version is the best option for beginners, whereas KuCoin’s trading bots depend on AI.

Both a Spot Grid Bot and a Futures Grid Bot can generate passive income by buying low and selling high, which is how they operate. However, Futures Grid has two unique aspects that can assist investors in boosting their earnings.

Holders that use Smart Rebalance may see their returns rise even more. The primary goal is to preserve the predetermined portfolio percentage while increasing the overall number of assets. Assuming you want to invest 40% of your money in BTC, 30% in ETH, and 30% in KCS, the portfolio will change when the value of these tokens changes if you are holding. When the percentage departs from the initial values, the Smart Rebalance Bot will equalize it to your expectations.

Dollar Cost Averaging, or DCA bot, is perfect for expert traders who purchase cryptocurrencies regularly since it uses a repeated method. To reduce trading risks, technical analysis is used by all KuCoin bots.

There is an infinite grid to ensure that no one “misses out” on the crypto pumping. Infinity Grid Bot places orders in percentages with no upper bound, unlike Spot Grid Bot, which places demands with a predetermined quantity.

KuCoin Review: Trading Fees

Trading fees can differ with trading, such as spot or margin trading. The amount of money in the trader’s account is another factor. The usual trading cost is reduced for a 30-day trading volume depending on the KSC holding. As a result, it is separated into the following levels for spot and futures trading.

KuCoin Review: Supported Fiat Currencies

KuCoin supports the following fiat currencies: USD, EUR, TRY, KRW, CAD, IDR, VND, ZAR, GBP, RUB, AUD, HUF, ILS, CHF, PLN, NOK, INR, DKK, NZD, SEK, CZK, and more. Users can make fiat currency deposits and withdrawals through various payment methods, including P2P trading, third parties like Simplex, etc.

KuCoin Review: Supported Cryptocurrencies

KuCoin supports over 600 cryptocurrencies and 1100 markets. These choices range from the oldest and least well-known digital currencies to the most popular and widespread cryptocurrencies. As previously indicated, there is no deposit price; nevertheless, the withdrawal fee depends on the money.

KuCoin Review: Supported Languages

The KuCoin web browser supports various languages, including English, Portuguese, Hindi, and Russian. The website is excessively straightforward and has simple navigation because it is a platform with global access. However, according to customer reviews, inexperienced traders find trading on KuCoin a little challenging due to its sophisticated features. 

Nevertheless, the site has tutorial portions that make it simpler to grasp in the help and FAQ areas. KuCoin updates the most recent currency pairs, among other things, to ensure compliance with market norms. There are provisions for adding additional cryptocurrencies to the trading pairs by registering them. There are 1100 unique trading pairs for KuCoin. BTC/ETH, which stands for trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, is an illustration of a trading pair.

KuCoin Review: Customer Support

KuCoin offers better customer care to its users and is available 24/7 compared to its competitors. What makes KuCoin a busy exchange is the round-the-clock live chat service or email help with swift response times. The website offers an online application form for users to submit complaints and live online support. Additionally, KuCoin has a significant social media following, allowing users to contact the customer service department on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The KuCoin team is available to help its users at all times.

KuCoin Review: Security Level

KuCoin is a decentralized exchange. Security is further increased by other safety mechanisms, even if this feature is the fundamental essence of transparency made possible by blockchain technology.KuCoin offers two-factor authentication to secure user accounts. 

The traders’ private information is better protected with advanced SSL encryption. KuCoin’s user interface includes several security features. Meeting the KYC criteria is a requirement for withdrawing funds. Additionally, using KuCoin to complete the KYC verification is highly advised.


KuCoin offers among the best trading services, with cutting-edge trading tools and specialized charts that are simple to use and understand for experienced traders and newcomers. The best exchange in the world is KuCoin. KuCoin is currently one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges. It also provides a wide range of services and products to fulfil the needs of various types of merchants and trading preferences. KuCoin serves over 1100 marketplaces, 600 different types of digital currencies, and has cheap trading fees. Compared to some of its counterparts, the customer service is superior. There is no deposit charge, and depending on the currency used, there are different withdrawal fees. KuCoin provides its users with a KuCoin wallet, and users must deposit funds into a KuCoin wallet before accessing the trading site.

We tried to give you all the information you need to be aware of before you start trading in this KuCoin review. The trading platform, the services, the items are given, and other benefits and cons have all been thoroughly examined. In addition to the KuCoin review, we have written about or discussed numerous additional trading platforms and exchanges.


How can I fund my KuCoin account?

At KuCoin, deposits and withdrawals are very straightforward. Users can choose to make a deposit using a credit card, debit card, SEPA, or Apple Pay. On the KuCoin platform, credit card purchases are possible.

How Reliable Is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a platform with strict regulations and a well-known exchange on a worldwide scale. But this raises the question: Is KuCoin secure? The response is that it is entirely safe and acceptable. The trading platform accepts users from the majority of nations. Still, before accessing the KuCoin site or the KuCoin smartphone app, traders must abide by the cryptocurrency legislation applicable to their region. 

How Do I Transfer Money From KuCoin to My Bank Account?

It is necessary to log into one’s user account before making a withdrawal from a KuCoin account. Users can access the withdraw option by clicking the Overview button under the Assets tab. The currency kind that the traders want to remove must be selected.

After completing this step, the correct wallet address must then be supplied to get the digital currency. Finally, account verification—either email confirmation or two-factor authentication—is required to confirm the withdrawal request. The requested amounts are transferred to the customers’ cryptocurrency wallets after verification.

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