Louis Vuitton NFT Game is better than ‘Fortnite.’

About Louis VuittonTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 About Louis Vuitton2 Added Celebrity Designed NFTs3 Features of Louis Vuitton Game4 New features for Louis Vuitton5 About Fortnite games6 In the coming years, the Fortnite skins might not be …

About Louis Vuitton

In the year 2021, the most popular fashion house, Louis Vuitton launched the Louis Vuitton Game.In this game, they gave you the virtual name Vivienne, which will help you while searching and collecting the exclusive NFT postcards through the virtual world. Currently, this game is celebrating its 200 years of anniversary, and they have more than two million downloads.

In the first level, to find the manuscript of sixteen pages, the game is a primary quest that will help the players Vivienne, the brand of a virtual avatar. Then in the second level, the game will notice the players that they try to collect 200 candles. These candles seem to find and have the historic iconic Louis Vuitton. Once the levels are completed, the users are qualify for the entry raffle. Currently, the raffle is underway, and it will run till the 4th of august 2022.  

Added Celebrity Designed NFTs

First, the game was released in seven locations which are famous fashion cities like London, Paris, and Munich. They expanded the latest version of the game and challenged that it can be hunted down by involving 10 NFTs with different types of features, Vivienne.

Collaborating with the famous NFT designer Mike Winklemann, Wenew labs and Beeple created ten new postcards. The main motive of Louis Vuitton is to attract the new generation, which is the youngest and full of an enthusiastic audience, which will take them up to high fashions. The Louis game is now available on the Apple App Store for IOS users, and Android users are public on the Google Play Store.

Features of Louis Vuitton Game

1. The Louis Vuitton seller are Louis Vuitton Malletier SA.
2. The size of the game is 3.2 GB.
3. Compatibility of the game is for iPhone it requires ios 12.0 and also for iPod touch requires ios 12.0.
4. The language in Louis Vuitton is English.
5. Currently, the age rating is 4+ which are infrequent or mild contests.
6. The copyright of the game is 2021 Louis Vuitton Malletier.
7. The price of the Louis Vuitton game is free.

New features for Louis Vuitton

1. The Louis Vuitton NFT game constantly expands the new features such as celebrity NFTs and locations.
2. The players who reach the end game can gain the levels of High in the sky and Radiant City.
3. These two levels have ten NFTs to win.

About Fortnite games

The Epic Games have developed as well as owned Fortnite, and they also run the Epic Games Store. This store contains many titles, and currently, they introduce the Ubisoft Quartz NFTs to the AAA project known as Ghost Recon. The Epic Games accepted that they welcome the Ubisoft Quartz and other games supporting the NFTs. Indirectly they don’t take the storage fees. Per the research among the players seems that Fortnite will be converted into the NFTs. The Non-Fungible Token is already digital and also rare.

In the coming years, the Fortnite skins might not be sold

The game already has the best modes of creativity, and only two games, Minecraft and Roblox, can compete with them. Compared to changing the methods like creative and party royale to the Metaverse, the Epic game will not require much effort. When the Metaverse came into the game, the players could interact with themselves on digital platforms where they could buy or sell their cosmetics with the help of cryptocurrency. These transactions are made by their developers only.

The plan of the Epic Games, such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox, seems to be successful. From this success, they can set up the Metaverse and officiate the NFTs as soon as possible. Recently the founder of Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney’ stated that the company is not in touch with NFTs because of the scam in the crypto industry.

On the other side, the YouTubers and gamers such as Keemstar believe that the rising of NFTs is unavoidable. For some years, Epic Games will allow users to sell skins for whatever prices. Somehow the players get to manage the rights for their Fortnite crew packs; they will not waste the opportunity to sell them at higher prices.


To conclude, the Louis Vuitton NFT Game is one of the best fashion houses, where you can explore the diverse areas of Vivienne in which you have to find the 200 collectable candles. This fashion proves that there is more video game success. May the above information about the Louis Vuitton NFT game help you to get all details and clear your doubts.


How does the Louis Vuitton game work?

Louis Vuitton is coming in the year 2021. It is one of the most favourite luxury brands and is highly fashionable. In a game, the users can access the character Vivienne, who will search for the postcards, which are the NFTs in the digital world.

How to get the Louis game NFT?

The Louis Vuitton NFT Game is now available in the Apple app store for users of IOS and Android users in the Google Play store. And also, it is added with the celebrity-designed NFTs.

Can Louis Vuitton NFT sell?

The players can collect the non-fungible tokens but are not allowed to resell them.

What is meant by NFTs Fortnite?

It is blockchain-based tokens that represent the unique items of digital like digital art, collectables, video game items, domain, and many more.

Is Fortnite adding the NFTs?

Fortnite developers Epic Games state that they support the NFTs and welcome the game. They also arrived as soon after Ubisoft, which announced Ubisoft Quartz. Recently the NFTs and Fortnite clarified their instance on the topic.

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