Moon Litecoin: A step-by-step guide to earning free litecoin

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About Moon Litecoin

The Moon Litecoin was founded in 2015 on the 2nd Feb, and it is a faucet in which the users can easily win mitosis. If user like it, then they have to solve the captcha. To promote the digital currency, the faucets are taps where the satoshis are distributed. It has had great success because mitosis is a fraction of litecoin in which they created the minor currency divisions.

Moonliteco. is one of the faucets where to get the mitosis. It is an easy way and friendly user. By spending 20 seconds on the website, you have to solve the captcha, and they will send you some amount of litecoin in the user’s account. And the rest of the faucets is typical for earning the litoshis per hour. For every 30 minutes or 5 minutes, the time stops until the following captcha solve. For every 5 minutes, the users can claim up to 1,000 litoshi.

The website states that by having advantages of the bonus schemes, the users can increase their earnings by 300%. All the payments are made instantly to the user’s CoinPot micro-wallet.

Earn free litecoin are as follows

1. Open the CoinPot wallet account
2. Then, register the email and create the password. And down click on the box of captcha to solve it.
3. After this, the users will send an email to confirm the account. And then check in the inbox or spam to get the link and click on it
4. Go through with the link and sign on it by using your email of CoinPot or IP address
5. Then a captcha will display on the screen, and click on it to solve
6. After solving the captcha, select the related images. Images for ex- chimneys and click on the submit button
7. Once it is done than the ads will display on the page
8. Again, resolve the captcha and swipe down to check whether the litoshi has been added to your account of CoinPot wallet
9. The next step will be after 5mins. If the notification does not get, click on the alert box.
10. Want more information about bonuses to work? Click on the more information

Features of Moon Litecoin

a. Token are LTH/Litoshi
b. There is no auto faucet
c. The integration is CoinPot Microwallet
d. The language in the Moon Litecoin is English
e. This platform is accepted in all countries
f. The payouts are done every 5 minutes
g. In Moon Litecoin, the referral program is 25% lifetime commission + 100 % claim bonus
h. There is sponsorship of over 25% from the CoinPot

How much can you earn in Moon Litecoin

Indeed, it depends on the amount of captcha the user is solving per day, but the average is a charge usually up to 3,000,000 litoshis which is equal to 1 euro, and 1 euro is free for one month. At starting, it would be like that it is a small amount, but when the users are continuously active on this platform by earning little litoshi, then later on it is multiplied by 100 in just two-three years, the value will be 40 euros, and it will go ups and ups. This means the users can earn an average of around 100 euros per month and are also able to save the cryptocurrencies. 

The best thing in Moon Litecoin

The trick in the Moon Litecoin is to get the referrals from which the users can send to their friends and become the referrals, also earn up to 25%. This is the instant way to earn litecoins and get 10, 20 people to have a bill for you. Keep in mind that all those people are in favour you have taught them an excellent way to earn money, and in return, you will get a quarter of their income.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Moon Litecoin

Advantages of Moon Litecoin:

The principle of the Moon Litecoin is simple

This platform is easy to use, and the interface is user-friendly

In this, you can also refer your friends and earn a commission

Payouts are instant and direct in 5 minutes

There is an opportunity to create to see the other websites and products

There are also bonuses like claim, referral, mystery, and also loyalty

Disadvantages of Moon Litecoin:

In the Moon Litecoin, there is a slow method to win the free litecoins.

Total gains are nothing. You need to have 100 million litoshis to earn 1 LTC ($47)

Firstly, you need to have the CoinPot wallet


To conclude with the Moon, Litecoin is one of the oldest faucets and the best also. To maintain the loyalty bonus, the users should claim at least once daily. The tokens in the Moon Litecoin are free extra money. This is the best option for users to earn money in a simple way. May this above information about the Moon Litecoin helps you to get all details and clear the doubts.


For beginners, is Moon Litecoin good?

Yes, it is suitable for beginners because the layout of the Moon Litecoin is straightforward with having an easy way and also claim as soon as you be on the page of the Moon Litecoin.

LTC is the coin or tokens?

Litecoin is a token that has a total supply of 84 million tokens. Litecoin initially launched with 150 pre-mined tokens. The Litecoin developers mine the tokens.

Who invented Litecoin?

Litecoin is an alternative cryptocurrency which is created in the year 2011 by Charles ‘Charlie’ Lee, who is a former Google engineer. The litecoin is adapted from Bitcoin’s open-source code.

Is Moon Litecoin legal or a scam?

The Moon Litecoin faucet is 100% legal and also safe. It is simple to use and similar to Moon Bitcoin and Moon Dogecoin. The difference is only that it payouts every 5 minutes.

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