The Best Crypto Newsletter in 2022

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Messari3 Eth Hub4 DEFI Times5 Coinmetrics6 Cobie7 Bowtied Bull8 A16z crypto9 Conclusion Are you looking for the best crypto newsletter? Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology offer vast profit potential but pose serious …


Are you looking for the best crypto newsletter? Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology offer vast profit potential but pose serious risks. Before putting any of your assets into this digital currency, it is only natural to want to understand more about it.

Cryptocurrency newsletters include information on price updates, chart analysis, expert opinions, critical insights, and community news. This information is often disseminated and cited by prominent Bitcoin YouTubers and Twitter influencers.

For novices and seasoned pros, it is always wise to follow up on the most recent bitcoin and blockchain news and predictions. On the other side, newsletters may also be a valuable marketing strategy for businesses that offer products and services related to cryptocurrencies. Check out the list below to learn about the best crypto newsletter.


 As the most seasoned research team in crypto, Messari takes great delight in this fact. Three things make up the Messari Unqualified Opinions: hot takes from @twobitidiot, top-notch analysis from Messari analysts, and the day’s most important cryptocurrency news delivered to subscribers’ inboxes every morning.

 The goal of Messari is to make the crypto economy more transparent. Its purpose is to assist investors, authorities, and the general public in making educated financial decisions. Along with its best crypto newsletter, Messari also publishes hourly and daily stories on its website that are pulled from other news sites like Coin Telegraph and Babylon Finance Medium.

Eth Hub

 The EthHub Weekly Newsletter is provided to subscribers by Eth Hub, which focuses on Ethereum news. Anthony Sassano founded Eth Hub four years ago to offer a weekly newsletter addressing the Ethereum ecosystem and the crypto world.

 In addition to the newsletter, Eth Hub has its podcast called “Into the Ether,” which features guest interviews with well-known members of the Ethereum community and a weekly roundup of Eth news.

DEFI Times

The DEFI Times prides itself on being the first decentralised finance publication accessible to beginners (Defi). Weekly emails about the Defi technology and current events are provided to subscribers by DEFI Times.

According to DEFI Times, the newsletter would do it for them in a streamlined, accurate, and updated manner, which promises its subscribers a new level of simplicity and comfort in the Defi world. Instead of digging through the white papers of Defi procedures themselves, the newsletter will do it, it claims.


Coinmetrics, in contrast to other publications, concentrates on cryptocurrency data related to the decentralised economy. Its weekly newsletter, “State of the Network (SOTN),” offers a fair assessment of the cryptocurrency ecosystem based on market data.

After three years since its debut, SOTN currently boasts a substantial body of ground-breaking and distinctive data-driven crypto research. Among its general study areas are Bitcoin, Defi, Ethereum, Stablecoins, market data, NFTs, and generic crypto data.


Jordan Fish, sometimes known as Cobie, is well-known in the Twitter community for cryptocurrencies. Before joining the crypto industry, Cobie worked on several businesses and a banking-focused organisation. Cobie obtained the blue verified checkmark on Twitter and has gained close to 700K followers.

He is renowned for his humour-laced crypto observations. For more sombre remarks, he creates his blogs and newsletters where he informs subscribers of his in-depth viewpoints, comments, and predictions. You will get complete access to his newsletter and website after you subscribe to his blog.

Bowtied Bull

According to The Bowtied Bull, its writing is “direct, frank, and to the point,” It is intended for use in business communications. Their newsletters are meant to clear up misunderstandings and arms readers with the information they need for a decentralised future.

Focus areas for The Bowtied Bull include cryptocurrency, online enterprises, and technology equities. They provide the “Basic Level,” which is suitable for those without prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or technology investing. Thus, if you’re fresh in the cryptocurrency industry, the Bowtied Bull might also be your best option.

A16z crypto

A16z Crypto is an investment firm that finances entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and web3 industries. The “go-to guide” for the coming internet era is available to members of The a16z’s newsletter, “web3 weekly.” This project defines web3 as an era that blends the advanced, contemporary functionality of the second millennium with the decentralised, community-governed spirit of the first era.

Along with the information and updates provided in the newsletter, subscribers will also have full access to the website for the newsletter. This year, the a16z also created other Canons and the 2022 State of the Crypto Report.


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are rapidly expanding and heading toward the mainstream. Cryptocurrency still carries a lot of dangers, so many market participants are cautious about using it as a store of wealth or incorporating it into their operations. In the end, newsletters and blogs offer essential education. The market’s concerns and uncertainties are lessened through insights, updates, projections, and information.


How can I keep up with cryptocurrency news?

The cryptocurrency community is based on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Here, you may engage with the community and project teams, express your opinions, ask any questions you might have, remain current on all things crypto, and keep up with all the most recent developments.

Will the price of Ethereum increase?

Despite the dismal start to 2022, many analysts are still bullish and think that Ethereum’s price will probably reach and perhaps exceed $12,000 this year. Ethereum nevertheless had a reasonably strong close to 2021 despite the latest collapse. When Ethereum surpassed $4,850 in November, it set a new record.

Why is BTC rising?

Investors now believe there is more upside for bitcoin after it broke over a crucial barrier level. People continue to gravitate toward safe-haven investments due to rising inflation and the prospect of additional stimulus. More payment services like PayPal will adopt cryptocurrency, making it easier for more people to use.

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