Top 10 NFT creators to watch in 2022

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Top 10 NFT creators2.1 Beeple2.2 Pak2.3 Giant Swan2.4 Hash marks2.5 Trevor Jones2.6 HACKATHON2.7 Mad Dog Jones2.8 AXCOPY2.9 Slime Sunday2.10 Videodrome3 Conclusion Currently, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage, especially in …


Currently, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are all the rage, especially in digital art. In 2021, NFT creators and collectors spent $22 billion on NFTs.

According to co-founder and CTO of OpenSea Alex Atallah, sales on the Ethereum NFT market in February 2021 were 7450% greater than in the same month in 2020. The total monthly sales were about $77.5 million. Even popular culture joined in on the fun when Saturday Night Live decided to mimic NFTs because of their widespread appeal.

Lists about NFT creators sales have been published by Crypto Art, including the best-selling NFT creators and the most expensive works of art. The following markets were used to compile this list: Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, Foundation, MakersPlace, Known Origin, and Async Art.

All over the world all collectors already spent more than $37 billion in NFT marketplaces as of May 1, 2022, surpassing the total transaction volume from the previous year. And the year hasn’t even started yet!

Top 10 NFT creators


Graphic designer Beeple made history on March 11, 2021, when she sold the first-ever digital art collection as an NFT. Everyday: The First 5000 Days sold at Christie’s for an astounding $69,346,250. Because Beeple had produced art daily for 5000 days, the collection was precious. He didn’t realize that his 5,000-piece collection would make him one of the most influential figures in the crypto art and NFT circles.

Beeple’s Everyday line sales were legendary and unstoppable.


Pak is a well-known crypto artist who keeps their identity a secret. Apart from maintaining the famous Twitter account Architect and the Undream Studio, not much is known about Pak. Pak unveiled Merge, an NFT initiative anticipated to develop over time, just in time for the Nifty Gateway’s two-day sale special. Despite the project’s lack of clarity, at least 28,000 collectors swarmed to claim the recently dropped units. With the Merge collection, Pak earned nearly $91 million, comfortably moving up to the position of the most expensive artist in the world.

Giant Swan

A virtual reality painter and sculptor named Giant Swan focuses on utilizing 3D sculpting to build digital environments by repeatedly layering and experimenting with depth. He also serves as the Art and Experience Director for several serial projects, and he most recently had artwork on display in Miami, Shanghai, and Melbourne.

While the themes of Swan’s artwork might vary, Giant Swan has distinguished himself as one of the leading figures in the crypto art revolution by using unusual imagery, video, and print media to create NFT art.

Hash marks

An Ethereum-based virtual art exhibition called Hashmasks features works by numerous NFT creators artists, including 70 European artists. The platform’s functionality is pretty outstanding. Even better, the site presently has 16,384 different digital portraits in its library.

Trevor Jones

In addition to being a fantastic marketer, Trevor Jones is a fascinating creator whose works are varied and span many different genres of the arts. Trevor, a native of Canada, served as the director of Art in Healthcare, where he was tasked with organizing art classes for people with disabilities. In addition, Trevor is well known for his role in developing cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality. Some of his most well-known works use the digital version of Pablo Picasso’s style, and he employs animation, video production, and NFC tags.


The creative Italian partnership of Nadia Squarci and Sergio Scalet, regarded as forerunners in NFT art in their home country, has chosen the moniker “Hackathon.” The two focus on critical societal issues, including the environment and economy, while fusing historical, symbolic, and psychological allusions to produce original works of ultra-contemporary NFT art.

Mad Dog Jones

The fact that Jones is one of the most expensive and in-demand Canadian painters should also be noted. He attained this status after selling his very first piece of cryptographic art at Phillips. Other notable works he has produced include Replicator, a digital art reproducer that generates a fresh NFT monthly. As a result, it operates more or less like a copier, giving you access to several NFTs as a buyer that you can later sell. The Replicator merits serious consideration.

His real name is Michah Doh back, and he describes himself as a wholly digital artist. He has had a successful career because of his unbridled drive and creative potential. By fusing music and art, Mad Dog embodies the ultimate meaning of an artistic genius.


XCOPY is your go-to digital artist if you want art focusing on apathy and death. Before transferring to Nifty Gateway, where he has amassed a fortune, he made his presence known on SuperRare, where he sold over 100 NFTs. He made own image for himself as an artist with a strong affinity for flashing lights, which frequently appear in his work. One of the few artists, XCOPY, was able to sell a piece for $5,119 491 and became one of the few to sell artwork for over a million dollars. Dystopia is immediately apparent from the description.

Slime Sunday

A creator of works of art that are worth more than $13 million. This digital artist, who goes by Mike Parisella, is from Boston. He continually tests himself, and as a result, he has amassed more than 500 000 followers on Instagram alone. Judging from his successful career, Slime primarily investigates weird and exotic issues, fulfilling the wishes of many individuals. He has a far lower average than the other painters on our list, with his works of art costing, on average, about $3300 each. Additionally, he has collaborated with the well-known electronic producer 3lau, who has benefited from the NFT scene by performing virtually.


Our final artist is Videodrome, who, like SlimeSunday, has produced artworks valued at more than $13.5 million. Robbie Barrat, better known professionally as Videodrome, is one of the best-selling NFT artists. He was unaware, nevertheless, that the price of his labour would fluctuate at the time of the announcement. As a result, just 41 of his works have been sold under his name, which determines the value of his art. He produced an AI-generated artwork that sold for $1 336 187.70, placing him among the select group of NFT artists who have successfully sold works for a million dollars.


Many artists, innovators, and companies from all over the world are flooding the NFT area, each with their unique vision and enthusiasm for what they do. These ten NFT projects and artists are just a tiny sample of the fantastic universe of makers.

Everybody and every project I’ve mentioned in this article, in my opinion, not only has the potential to become well-known artists and brands in the web3 industry, but they might also be wise investments for NFT collectors. You should always conduct your research and conclude because neither I nor this information constitutes investment advice. I’m just a person who likes collecting NFTs, and I’m constantly looking for other people and projects who have their visions so that I may assist them in realizing their ambitions.


What NFT is currently most in demand?

The Best NFT Overall for 2022 is Silks. Decentraland is an infinitely customizable NFT project built on the Metaverse. AdRunner is a new NFT project with the potential for passive income. GaryVee’s Innovative NFT Collection, VeeFriends.

Why does NFT cost so much?

The possibility of NFTs connecting with the Metaverse may another factor contributing to their highly expensive. A digital world in the Metaverse individually represented by avatars and possess digital real estate which is similar to the sale in the Otherside virtual reality which are offered.

Why is an NFT successful?

Consider your long-term perspective and capacity for value delivery. On websites like or Dune Analytics, look up the top NFT initiatives. Typically, most successful NFT projects set their mint price between 0.05 and 0.1 ETH. Set your price to attract lots of participants.

How much does making an NFT cost?

An NFT can be produced for as little as $0.05 or as much as $150. The Solana blockchain is low cost, having average NFT creation cost of about $0.01, while the Ethereum blockchain is the most expensive, with an average cost of $70.

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