Top 5 Upcoming Play to Earn Games in 2022

Looking for the best upcoming play to earn games? Gaming has been revitalised with new revenue streams with the help of blockchain technology and NFTs. NFT games are massive right now because of their incredible …

Looking for the best upcoming play to earn games? Gaming has been revitalised with new revenue streams with the help of blockchain technology and NFTs. NFT games are massive right now because of their incredible earning possibilities.

The most significant feature is that the in-game items you acquire have worth outside the game. The game, cosmetics, rarity, and function affect how much they value.

You will read this post about the top 5 upcoming Play to Earn games.

5 Upcoming Play to Earn Games

Here are our picks on the top 5 upcoming Play-to-Earn games

#1 Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is one of the best upcoming Play-to-Earn games. It occurs in a mysterious world filled with magic, dungeons, orcs, and elves.

It is one of the most eagerly awaited games of 2022. You can use several gameplay techniques to get resources here. You may also buy and sell these NFTs and tokens on marketplaces.

The main allure of Guild of Guardians is its free admission. Without significant financial outlay, you can participate in the game and get rewards as you advance in level. The game’s design prioritises talent and strategy over money as its main components.

#2 Polygonum

Three game modes are available in the free-to-play, cross-platform online NFT game Polygonum to accommodate the preferences of all players. Users can exchange their in-game goods in the open-NFT world’s marketplace. The Polygonum ecosystem’s administration token is called POG Coin.

#3 Silks

On our ranking of the top upcoming Play to Earn games of the year, Silks takes the top spot. Its distinctive gaming mechanics combine the physical world and the metaverse while placing large wagers on thoroughbred horse racing.

Horse racing has long been considered a sport for the wealthy.  Silks reinvent the experience for everybody by putting it on the blockchain. You can trade and own a wide range of in-game NFTs on the speculative gaming platform, simulating thoroughbreds..

Using the resources in the ecology, you must provide them with food, training, and shelter. The Silks metaverse also has Silks Land, Avatars, and Silks Stables as in-game NFTs.

#4 RaceFi

One of the best upcoming Play to Earn games for gamers with a zest for speed is RaceFi, the first AI/ML integrated vehicle racing game on the Solana network. 

RaceFi has two game modes: PvP (player versus player) and PvE (player versus environment)

You can physically operate and control the vehicle in PvE mode. On the other hand, you can adjust your statistics in PvP mode. From the available options, you can create your race strategy. You must carefully adhere to several requirements to win each level.

AI uses a weighted random algorithm to examine the outcomes. Your participation in the RaceFi metaverse and gaming prowess will be rewarded. Utilizing vehicles with more upgrades and XP will give you an advantage in the game.

#5 Phantom Galaxies

A captivating narrative is set against Starfighter fights in Phantom Galaxies’ open-world simulation. It immerses you in a quick-moving third-person experience comparable to classic 3D action role-playing games.

Phantom Galaxies takes things further with blockchain-powered governance, authentic ownership, and independent custody of in-game goods. Mechs, gear, and avatars are the most popular NFTs in Phantom Galaxies. The underlying blockchain science fiction mechanized shared world will feature authentic in-game governance and be a complete “AAA” game. With the help of several project collaborations, the competition aims to unite millions of players in a single metaverse.

To provide a transmedia storytelling experience, it will collaborate with other media outlets. In other words, the Phantom Galaxies plot will consist of games, literature, comics, animation, and NFT collectables during its launch. You will search the metaverse as a player seeking valuable items and tools.


These upcoming NFT initiatives demonstrate how gamers can monetize abilities with the help of the GameFi movement. They have the power to popularize blockchain gaming once fully built by the plan.

With a cutting-edge mixed-reality structure and dependent gamified economy, Silks tops our list of the finest NFT games to dig into this year. The project’s singular goal of bringing thoroughbred horse racing to the virtual world is made possible by all the necessary components to transform P2E gaming completely.


Is there a free NFT game?

Gods Unchained is a well-known free-to-play NFT game that allows users to make money. A Greeting Set of 140 cards is given to each player as they begin. These cannot be sold since they are not stored on the blockchain.

How do I earn from NFT games?

Users can earn the regional crypto by mining, engaging in user combat, completing quests, or earning rental money from virtual properties. The game uses digital things made as NFTs, like avatars for combat and mining equipment. 

Can you make money with NFT games?

With play-to-earn games using NFTs, there are numerous ways to try to make money. However, there is no way to ensure that you will make money playing blockchain games; your earnings may vary depending on the value of the NFTs and in-game currency.

Are these games available on the Play Store?

Google Play Store reportedly accepts only a few NFT games because the screening process necessitates numerous documentation and justifications. As a result, for any NFT Game in the blockchain world, receiving Google Play Store approval is a new and crucial step.

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