Top DAO Tokens by Market Capitalization

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Best DAO Tokens2.1 Uniswap2.2 Maker2.3 EBITDA2.4 Aragon2.5 Dash3 Conclusion Are you looking for the top DAO tokens in the market? The rapid emergence of new trends in the blockchain and crypto …


Are you looking for the top DAO tokens in the market? The rapid emergence of new trends in the blockchain and crypto space creates many exciting prospects. As new developments like Defi become evident, businesses and individuals worldwide are beginning to recognize the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency. At the same time, new tools are emerging to support rapidly developing cryptographic solutions.

However, you must consider all of your possibilities if you want to pick the most excellent DAO project. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that not every DAO token on the market at the moment is the ideal option for you. Read on to find the top DAO tokens in the market. 

Best DAO Tokens

Here are our picks on the best DAO tokens:


The most renowned decentralised exchange in the world saw the birth of the largest DAO in the cryptocurrency sector. In September 2020, Uniswap introduced its governance token and solidified its position as a significant DAO. The community-controlled Defi tool for Uniswap users is the core functionality of Uniswap, the best DAO project. For instance, the volume increased exponentially after Uniswap voted to lower trading fees in some stablecoin exchanges. Furthermore, it is evident that Uniswap currently dominates the Defi industry.

However, the broader implications of Uniswap DAO have made headlines in the cryptocurrency world. For instance, a May Uniswap plan sought to use approximately $40 million from the project’s treasury to create political protections for Defi generally. The committee supporting the program consisted of representatives from a renowned financial business. With its popular DAO token, UNI, Uniswap currently has a $9.94 billion market cap.


The maker would undoubtedly be a high mention in a list of DAO tokens. It focuses on bringing tangible assets into the world of cryptocurrency. The DAO Maker pass seeks to develop into DeFi’s most prominent central bank. However, It also emphasizes developing DAI, the giant decentralized stable coin. However, with its algorithmic stable coin DAI, Maker has demonstrated significant potential as the biggest central bank in Defi. The stablecoin’s market value has increased to approximately $9 billion.

It’s interesting to note that by supporting the onboarding of real-world assets, the DAO Maker token is venturing into uncharted cryptographic waters. Owners of Maker DAO governance tokens accepted the use of tokenized versions of short-term trade receipts, freight-shipping bills, revenue-based small loans, and farm real estate.

Additionally, the request was granted, and the project employed Centrifuge to tokenize non-crypto goods. The maker has been investigating new avenues for bringing more tangible items into the cryptocurrency space in conjunction with Centrifuge. The DAO Maker token has a market valuation of over $2.12 billion, so it has some promising travels ahead of it.


EBITDA would be the next well-known DAO project to make an appearance. With about $2.5 billion invested in diverse Defi projects, it is the immense Defi treasury in the world. The distinctive reputation of BitDAO in the DAO network is primarily a result of its creative prowess.

However, with a market valuation of $1.12 billion, it has effectively accumulated over $2.5 billion in treasury. Most importantly, BitDAO has been one of the promising DAO examples that have attracted the attention of major investors. For instance, it, a cryptocurrency exchange with headquarters in Singapore, has allocated over 0.025% of its overall trading volume to BitDAO.

Furthermore, as it forays into Defi investments, BitDAO’s future on the list of DAO coins appears relatively bright. To diversify its treasury, BitDAO can also begin offering grants and promoting token swaps simultaneously. The DAO is now working on developing tools that will make it possible to use its treasury for lending, staking, and other purposes.


Aragon focuses on enabling users to connect with anyone from anywhere within a DAO infrastructure. It currently has around 1500 DAOs with a total value of almost $350 million.

However, with the Aragon DAO token, ANT, token owners can indicate whether they agree or disagree with decisions that affect operations. One of the best DAO tokens is one that Aragon provides, enabling token holders to start or join DAOs built on Aragon. Furthermore, the project emphasizes giving DAO members the tools they need to raise money for their group. ANT is undoubtedly one of the leading DAO tokens, with a market valuation of roughly $371.38 million.


Dash is yet another illustration of how the best DAO project may propel DeFi’s future. It is a decentralized digital payment initiative to provide transactions that are as quick as Bitcoin. DASH, the DAO’s utility token, has recently displayed encouraging growth.

Moreover, there are currently over 10.27 million DASH tokens in use. The market valuation of Dash‘s DAO token, which is $1.41 billion, is what matters most. Furthermore, Dash has been utilizing tremendous growth opportunities, particularly given the significant need for anonymous transactions.


The possibility of numerous DAOs making similar significant acquisitions in the future is a fact. The DAO ecosystem still has a long way to go. The DAO ecosystem confronts several legal and regulatory challenges. However, since cryptocurrency fans anticipate government involvement that will change how these DAOs function, it is unclear how these DAOs will act.


What does it cost to establish a DAO?

The initial filing price is $100, and you must submit an annual report for a fee of $60. (or more). Your assets employed and located in Wyoming are used to determine the cost.

What distinguishes a DAO from an ordinary LLC?

A typical LLC is run by one or more “members,” or human owners. These individuals will decide everything for the company and have the last say in all business choices. However, it can have human members; an algorithm often runs a DAO.

What is a DAO?

A DAO is a company managed by smart contracts rather than individuals, enabling the company to function independently.

Are DAOs decentralized?

True decentralization is provided. Therefore a DAO is not governed by a hierarchical management system. In a democratic society, anyone can come together to contribute ideas and works, so it might be challenging to regulate a group of like-minded individuals within a DAO. However, it is possible to control or, at the very least, standardize the smart contracts that contain the DAO rules. A DAO’s creator can use these guidelines to provide the DAO with autonomous control.

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