Trust wallet vs MetaMask: Which Wallet should you choose?

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There is no denying that Defi (decentralized finance) wallets are a significant expansion to accomplishing an intuitive, secure, and open Defi environment. Decentralized crypto wallets are getting progressively famous, and different choices are accessible for clients to browse. Two of the top options here right now are trust wallet vs metamask While these two crypto wallets carry out a similar role for the tremendous number of tokens based on blockchain, they highlight contrasts in more than one way. For example, MetaMask rigorously just backings tokens and digital currencies based on Ethereum’s blockchain.

Trust Wallet, then again, highlights upheld capacity and collaboration with resources on various blockchains. Aside from Ethereum, making it a more flexible choice of the two. This is a significant differentiation as it will decide your decisions in the digital currencies or tokens you can store on either crypto wallet.

Trust wallet vs MetaMask (Definition)

Trust wallet

Trust Wallet is a Web 3.0 wallet with help for various tokens and computerized resources based on Ethereum’s biological system and then some. This is a decentralized crypto wallet that accompanies a portable application as well as helps with more than 100,000 computerized resources. Trust wallet was established in 2017 by Viktor Radchenko (a US-based Ukrainian programming designer). Since it has been working as a non-custodial digital money wallet. By plan, the secret keys in Trust Wallet are saved money on a client’s gadget. This implies all exchanges happen straightforwardly through connections with the different upheld blockchains with no outsiders included.


The MetaMask Wallet is by a wide margin one of Ethereum’s least complex and most famous applications. They are intended to make the capacity of Ethereum-based crypto resources as simple as perusing the web. It carries accommodation to the Ethereum biological system while removing the gamble that accompanies full authority of crypto resources. MetaMask was established in 2016 by ConsenSys and fostered its versatile application in 2019. This is a non-custodial wallet meaning secret keys related to the tokens in the wallet are put away with the client’s gadget. The wallet likewise interfaces straightforwardly with the Ethereum network without requiring delegates. Upon establishment, the client gets a record with private keys coded into a seed expression. This gives the client full command over the assets.

Trust wallet vs MetaMask (Detailed Comparison)

Amateur Friendliness

In the correlation of Trust Wallet vs MetaMask, both accompany a fledgling accommodating UI. Setting up your wallet with MetMask, for example, should be possible with a couple of simple tasks. You only want to download the program expansion and get it in a position to begin in no time. Trust Wallet is likewise easy to utilize and accompanies a portable application accessible on iOS and Android gadgets.

Trust and Security

Both MetaMask vs Trust Wallet offer secure stockpiling of cryptographic forms of money and tokens. To protect these assets, the two stages support security rehearses that forestall weaknesses—for example, phishing assaults or seed state hacking. Unlike most incorporated authority arrangements, both Trust Wallet and MetMask don’t uphold 2FA as the two don’t store client information. Two-factor validation (2FA) is an instrument used to assist clients with introducing a second confirmation strategy into their records or wallets.


Looking at Trust Wallet vs MetaMask, the expenses associated with putting away finances on the two wallets, MetaMask charges no extra cost. The main fee caused is gas charges for exchanges. Additionally, Trust Wallet charges no expenses and is allowed to utilize. There are additionally no membership charges.

Upheld Cryptocurrencies

Looking at Trust Wallet vs MetaMask, both help an assortment of digital forms of money in the Ethereum environment. Notwithstanding, Trust Wallet starts to lead the pack in this regard as it upholds all ERC20 tokens and a vast number of other resources spread across 33 upheld blockchains.

Champion Features

Trust Wallet’s most unique element is its help for different blockchains. Likewise, it supports the capacity of 250,000 computerized resources. This gives the wallet’s client much space to move through the crypto space with simple power and resources for the executives. It likewise stands apart for its inherent trade highlight, allowing clients to trade tokens immediately or even purchase crypto with a card.

MetaMask, then again, likewise accompanies an excellent security framework. It highlights critical limits when contrasted with Trust Wallet. Besides the fact that MetaMask is restricted to Ethereum, you again need to interface with a DeX to trade any tokens. Its most extraordinary element is reality. It has a natural UI. This makes it simple to utilize decentralized applications across the Ethereum biological system.

Which to pick: Trust Wallet vs MetaMask

Trust Wallet

This wallet is reasonable for you if you want the accompanying functionalities:

You want the adaptability of having the option to store more than 4.5 million sorts of computerized resources and approaching more than 60 blockchains.

You would like the choice to buy digital currency with a Mastercard.

You would like admittance to a wide assortment of decentralized applications straightforwardly through the actual application.


This wallet is reasonable for you assuming you want the accompanying functionalities:

You’re principally intrigued by Ethereum-based dapps and executing with the Ethereum organization.

You want it to be viable with most programs and cell phones in light of iOS and Android.

Simple association with the stage and a speedy and straightforward method for sending ether to any address inside the application shortly.


By and large, MetaMask is no doubt a superior decision for a great many people. MetaMask is somewhat more flexible as it allows you to utilize your current Chrome or Firefox program and goes about as a module for some Ethereum wallets. Likewise, If you would instead not type in your secret key each time you utilize the DApp, I suggest using MetaMask. It gives you admittance to numerous devices like My Ether Wallet, EtherDelta, and ERC20 tokens.

Along these lines, you won’t require one more wallet for various coins, so you set aside your cash. The way that MetaMask is free and doesn’t charge their clients anything demonstrates they are straightforward individuals. Additionally, they need to assist everybody with partaking in the advantages of digital forms of money.


Are MetaMask and trust wallet the equivalent?

The principal distinction between MetaMask and Trust Wallet is that MetaMask is an electronic digital money wallet that functions as an expansion on a viable web program. Simultaneously, Trust Wallet is an application-based versatile wallet that upholds Android and iOs.

Could MetaMask at any point come up short?

Given the reports, bombed exchanges on MetaMask mostly happen when you straightforwardly buy on a web3 website without associating your wallet first. We suggest associating your MetaMask wallet first before purchasing anything to avoid this issue.

What is more secure than MetaMask?

One more option in contrast to MetaMask is Ledger Nano X. Record comes in different variants, and the S rendition is more modest. The expense is likewise less expensive than other Ledger items. This is an equipment wallet so you can store your crypto resources much more securely without the gamble of malware and another digital robbery plausibility.

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