What are Disney NFTs? Where can I buy a Disney NFT?

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 What are Disney NFTs?3 Where can I buy a Disney NFT?4 How to buy Disney NFTs?5 Conclusion NFTs are the following media that the entertainment behemoth Disney is attempting to conquer. …


NFTs are the following media that the entertainment behemoth Disney is attempting to conquer. Indeed, the legendary corporation has long been involved in the NFT field. Furthermore, the House of Mouse has other ideas to expand its efforts in digital assets and the metaverse.

This post will find some of the most recent Disney NFTs collections.

What are Disney NFTs?

Disney, the world’s most widely recognised entertainment brand, hardly requires an introduction. The Walt Disney Company, which was formed in 1923 as Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, is the creator and owner of some of the world’s most well-known intellectual property (IP).

People fully expected to see significant corporations creating their NFT collectables as NFTs gained popularity in 2021. And, of course, it only gets a little bigger than Disney when it comes to popular brands.

When it comes to entering the space, brands have chosen a variety of ways. While some have carried out their drops, many have chosen to collaborate with Web3 native companies. So far, Disney has opted for the latter strategy.

Where can I buy a Disney NFT?

Until recently, all official Disney NFTs have been released through the NFT marketplace VeVe. For those unfamiliar, VeVe is an app-based marketplace that specialises in licenced NFT drops from some of the world’s most significant companies.

It’s safe to assume that the relocation has benefited both parties greatly. Disney NFTs, like other VeVe collections, sell out quickly on the day they are released. Their secondary market prices are typically orders of magnitude more than when they first sell.

Disney has been interested in VeVe NFTs for roughly a year in theory. That’s because, in April 2021, VeVe released an NFT based on the Marvel Comics franchise “The Rise of Ultraman.” Marvel, of course, is one of the many enormous brands that Disney has purchased over the years. Following that, Marvel and VeVe released several high-profile NFT drops.

The first wholly branded Disney NFTs will be available in November 2021. Disney and VeVe released an NFT collection of “Disney Golden Moments” at the time. These NFTs were released to commemorate Disney+ Day, which celebrates Disney’s subscription streaming service Disney+.

How to buy Disney NFTs?

You may easily purchase Disney NFT collections! First, you must install the VeVe app. This allows you to buy any of the existing Disney NFTs. VeVe NFTs are only traded using the platform’s currency, Gems. To be more precise, one Gem equals one US dollar.

You can start collecting NFTs when you’ve made your VeVe account and purchased some gems! It is important to note that VeVe drops, while common, are highly popular. As a result, they almost always sell out in minutes.

The benefit is that you will not take a loss due to failed transactions, like with ETH NFTs. So, if you want the most excellent price on VeVe drops, try to get in on the initial sale.

Of course, you may always search the secondary market for good bargains on Disney NFTs. While these prices will undoubtedly be higher, remember that most Disney NFT drops on VeVe are in blind boxes. So, at least on the secondary market, you may choose the exact NFT/rareity you desire.


Finally, Disney concluded the first week of Golden Moments NFT sales by releasing 4,333 statues of Walt Disney holding Mickey Mouse’s hand.

These Ultra Rare NFTs fetched 333 Gems. Given that the current lowest price for these rare antiques is 16,400 gems, it’s safe to say that those lucky consumers were ecstatic to get their hands on them before they sold out. Since then, Disney has released Golden Moments collections for Valentine’s Day 2022 and Disney Duos NFT collections on March 19, 2022.

Stay tuned for more blogs.

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