What are NFT cards? How to sell your NFT trading cards?

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NFT Cards: Trading cards have long been a common way for fans to acquire souvenirs of their favourite athletes or celebrities. According to CNN, a rookie card of Michael Jordan still reportedly brought $738k at an auction last year.

But it’s hilarious to notice that demand for the old trading card system has steadily declined over time. NFT trade cards are currently the main focus.

These are growing in popularity and quickly displacing the conventional gaming card system. The popularity of play-to-earn, among other things, accelerated the adoption of NFT gaming cards.

What are NFT Cards? 

On a blockchain network, NFT cards are virtual trade cards. Thanks to blockchain technology, people can now validate the legitimacy and ownership of NFT trading cards.

Trading cards from the 1990s and the early 2000s were made of thick paper, about as wide as cartons, and included images and a summary of well-known football players.

Trading cards eventually went digital and were included in video games so that gamers could purchase the virtual versions of players and use them for fun.

NFT playing cards are digital representations of well-known images of basketball players, football players, or video game characters. A closer inspection reveals that NFT cards are logged on the blockchain, a decentralised public database.

That is, on the blockchain, each of them is composed of unique codes. They are frequently 3D NFT cards to be utilised as in-game characters.

Sorare, NBA Topshot, Axie Infinity, and Candy Digital are popular NFT trading card series.

What Will Change With NFT Cards For The Trading Card Industry?

Digital Permanence

Hobbyists have traditionally kept tangible collections of cards to remember their favourite sporting events or athletes. However, there have been cases of trading cards disappearing or deteriorating.

Even with digital games, crashes could happen and end the game. Delivery issues are another possibility. Someone paid $60k for a Pokemon card in 2019, but there was a problem where the card was never delivered.

Pokemon NFT cards cannot be used because they will be placed directly in your NFT wallet. In light of this, NFT trading cards would be a far superior way to store memorabilia. No one can tamper with the NFT cards because they are stored on the blockchain.


Natives of the trading card industry would concur that the ownership issue has existed since dawn. According to the manufacturer, you can only use these cards in virtual card games.

Since these cards are on their central server and you don’t have custody of them, you are not the owner. As a result, if you experience account problems for any reason, you will forfeit this access.

However, NFT cards operate differently. A trade card is yours after you pay for it. No one else will have custody of it, just you.

For instance, it was apparent who purchased the Ronaldo trade card because it can be linked to the blockchain wallet address of a Sorare user by the name of Camembert.

Usability In Different Games

Any game card you purchase with conventional video games can only be used with those games. In other words, even a similar game cannot use the in-game characters.

Since players cannot explore and have cross-game experiences due to this fundamental issue, these games are less enjoyable.

NFT digital cards, however, are more versatile than their analogue counterparts and can be used in a variety of games. 

NFT card games can function across chains once built on the same token standards.

More Profitable Tradability 

Physical card collectors typically do it for enjoyment. This is due to the low level of interest in purchasing it. The prices for digital trading cards have already been established. Consequently, card gathering becomes a very unproductive business.

Gamers can now sell their cards to a good economy for thousands of dollars thanks to NFT playing cards, which have entirely changed the narrative. This elevates card collecting from a simple hobby to a significant source of income.

According to the BBC, someone reportedly paid more than $5 million for a LeBron James trading card. Given that LeBron is a legendary basketball player, the buyer may be able to sell it again for much more money in the future.


Before developing your NFT cards, take into account your personality and popularity. Even though you might not be well-liked globally, you must be well-liked and well-accepted in your industry.

When you have made your NFT card, this is crucial to generate actual demand. For instance, the market value of the NFT cards of well-known players like Rashford, Ronaldo, Zidane, and Messi will always be higher.

In conclusion, only design NFT cards for potential financial gains. You made it to strengthen your relationship with your community or supporters.


How do you market NFT to newcomers?

Go to your Profile and click on the selected NFT to sell an existing NFT. In the top right corner of the screen, click the blue Sell button to continue. Select Timed Auction if you wish others to bid on your NFT, or select Fixed Price if you want to sell it for a set price.

Why aren’t my NFTs selling?

You need to properly promote your NFT, which is presumably why it isn’t selling. The most popular NFT collections have a distinctive, powerful brand and a passionate following. Both NFTs created by specific artists and batch NFT compilations like the Bored Ape Yacht Club or CryptoPunks fall under this category.

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