What are NFT Sports Cards? Where can you buy NFT Sports Cards?

IntroductionTHIS BLOG INCLUDE:1 Introduction2 Where can you buy NFT Sports Cards?2.1 OpenSea2.2 Panini Blockchain2.3 Sorare2.4 Topps NFTs2.5 NBA Top Shot2.6 NFL All Day3 Conclusion NFT Sports Cards: Blockchain digital assets, such as cryptocurrency or digital …


NFT Sports Cards: Blockchain digital assets, such as cryptocurrency or digital collectables, have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Non-fungible tokens, or non-interchangeable digital assets, are commonly found on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTs are one-of-a-kind tokens worth a lot of money – in 2021, an NFT sold for as much as $69 million.

NFTs are blockchain files that include information, making them more than simply currency; they can be digital art, music, films, or collectables (such as sports cards).

Where can you buy NFT Sports Cards?


OpenSea is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you may buy, sell, and trade any NFT. Although it is not specialised in sports card NFTs, they can be added to the platform.

To utilise the OpenSea marketplace, you’ll need a digital wallet linked to your profile. On OpenSea, Ethereum is the default cryptocurrency.

You can utilise the filters on the marketplace to check what trading card NFTs are currently available for purchase. A listing, as on eBay, can be an auction or a ‘buy now.

Panini Blockchain

Panini is already a well-known and popular maker of sports cards. They’ve also entered the digital age with their blockchain store, which provides “the utmost degree of authenticity for a digital item and proof of ownership.”

Panini’s blockchain store includes something for every sports card fan, featuring memorabilia for soccer, football, baseball, UFC, hockey, and other sports.

You can buy an NFT from their store or via public auctions, where you can also sell the NFTs that you hold.

Panini links all blockchain collectibles to the US dollar, which is regarded as a stable currency because it allows the value of the cards to be determined by the demand for the card, similar to how physical cards gain or lose weight. All Panini blockchain collectibles are transacted in US dollars rather than a cryptocurrency.

The initial owner can choose to claim and own the digital asset or sell/auction it, at which point ownership of the digital edition of the card will be transferred to the winning bidder. Some physical Panini cards now have a digital equivalent that can be purchased through the blockchain shop.


Sorare is an NFT system for Soccer, NBA, and MLB cards that mixes the card collecting part with a fantasy-style game that can earn you money in the form of Ethereum and other benefits.

The platform makes use of the Ethereum blockchain, and users can buy cards on the network by connecting an existing digital wallet to an account. On Sorare, you can also buy cards with regular currency.

There are various varieties of soccer cards available, with new versions published each season and divided into yellow (/1000), red (/100), blue (/10), and brown (1/1) – The more limited cards can command high prices.

Topps NFTs

Topps, another well-known NFT sports cards manufacturer, has recently entered the digital collectables industry. The Topps NFT platform is built on the Avalanche blockchain, which is Ethereum-compatible.

The platform includes a store where users can purchase ‘packs’ of digital goods and a marketplace where collectors may buy and sell to one another in US dollars.

Sports card fans can purchase Soccer and Baseball NFTs; however, the variety is more limited than that of the Panini blockchain store.

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is a popular digital asset marketplace that sells legally licenced NBA NFTs called ‘moments’ – ideal for Basketball card collectors. It operates on the Flow blockchain.

You can either purchase ‘packs’ from Top Shot, which contain a random variety of NFT moments, or you can purchase individual collections from other collectors through the platform’s marketplace. The digital assets are acquired with regular currency, such as the US dollar.

The NFTs on Top Shot are classified as standard (1000+), rare (150-999), legendary (25-99), platinum ice ultimate (/3), and genesis ultimate (1/1). The blockchain protects ownership of each item by assigning it a unique serial number at the time of creation.

NFL All Day

NFL All Day is the counterpart of NBA Top Shot in football. It allows fans to purchase and collect digital NFL ‘moments’ highlights, with all transactions conducted and guaranteed by Dapper’s Flow blockchain.


While a digital file can be reproduced, an original on the blockchain will only have one genuine owner – similar to how a piece of tangible art can have replicas. Still, the original is the one with the value.

There is room for NFTs in the sports card collecting hobby; the fundamentals of managing them are identical (apart from the physical touch). There is currently a market for them – with platforms devoted solely to sports card-style digital assets.

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