What is Highrise World Metaverse? Explained Guide

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The metaverse is still in its early stages. However, using blockchain technology, forward-thinking businesses like Highrise World need to plan the digital economy that will shape the metaverse’s future. And what exactly is Highrise World?

The Avalanche blockchain subnet is home to the most well-known mobile metaverse, Highrise World. You may design rooms and other assets, one-of-a-kind host experiences, style avatars, talk with other users, meet new people, and even make money by selling digital products and other people’s experiences.

What is Highrise World?

To make Highrise World one of the best recent metaverse experiences, Pocket World raised more than $7 million in 2020. There has yet to be a need to use the initial funds because of the platform’s success, which has already generated over $30 million in income by 2021.

You can establish your community in the Highrise World virtual environment, which Pocket Worlds made. Highrise presently comprises of a digital continent with LAND-based parcels that may be bought. Building your towers with your rooms and activities is possible using LAND.

NFTs (ERC-721 currency) on the Ethereum blockchain serve as the map’s representation of the LAND in Highrise. A specified size and location are allotted to each LAND. You can develop your own countries, provide authentic experiences, rent and give away your apartments as a landowner, and eventually establish the society you have always wanted. True metaverse Highrise was created by its users.

The neighbourhood known as Highrise 101 is located in the middle of the Highrise World. You can use 101 as a blueprint to create your own country and society.

What can you do in Highrise World?

The realm of Highrise offers countless opportunities. There are plenty of activities and interactions when exploring this unique virtual environment. You can build games, and NFTs, purchase, sell, post to your tale, and live a whole virtual life in Highrise World.

Make games

You can design your adventures in the Highrise metaverse with the help of the Highrise Gamemaker. To create authentic, monetizable experiences, you can integrate digital assets, write scripts, and use in-game tools. Your imagination is the only constraint regarding real-time games, challenges, and podcasts.

Create, buy, and sell NFTs

Naturally, if you couldn’t make your own NFTs, the metaverse wouldn’t be what it is today. The Highrise platform keeps track of each creation to ensure your NFTs work properly. After creating them, you can bring your NFTs to the Highrise Exchange to sell them for actual cash.

Live a virtual life

In the end, Highrise World enables you to advance social interactions. Avatars can be utilised to interact with virtual items and other things that can be bought and sold by other people living in Highrise World.

You may converse with people, build houses, meet new people, and customize your living space just like you can in real life. Additionally, you can interact with virtual characters and go to virtual events. This is the Oasis, or it’s starting to feel that way.

How does Highrise LAND work?

Your community tower can only be built and accessed from LAND. How therefore does LAND operate? On the map, there are three different sorts of parcels:

The three various types of Highrise World:


Individual interactive parcels called Parcel Land allow landowners to build their towers. Towers are made up of rooms. You get to determine how to allocate rooms to your neighbourhood as the landowner. Either charging guests or giving away accommodations are options. Additionally, you get to choose what tax to charge for each room’s experience.


Larger lots called Estates are made up of several Land portions owned by a single person. With the Highrise platform, estates give you more incredible customizability, extensive experiences, and more significant revenue sharing.


A District is a much larger plot of land comprised of many LAND pieces owned by various users. Districts have governance capabilities that let owners make significant decisions about a DISTRICT and can be controlled as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

You have additional options to create intricate gameplay, social, and artistic systems when you own LAND in the format of ESTATES and DISTRICTS.


How may LAND be purchased in Highrise World?

LAND is offered for sale in stages. Holders of Highrise Creature Club tokens were the only ones eligible for the first phase. Only 160k parcels are available, so now could be an excellent opportunity to secure your ideal spot. After your purchase, your LAND will be minted as an NFT onto the Ethereum blockchain.

What is required to sign up for Highrise World?

Download the application or go to the website to register for Highrise. Nevertheless, a Web3 wallet like Metamask is what you’ll need to utilize the Highrise metaverse fully. You’ll be able to buy, sell, and make NFTs.

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