Wirex Review 2022: Is Wirex Safe for Exchanging Crypto?

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The Wirex review claims it is one of the oldest crypto debit card alternatives available. 2014 saw the establishment of the organization that issued the Wirex Mastercard card. With the Wirex Visa now available in the USA, Wirex has continued to provide its service despite numerous cryptocurrency market booms and collapses.

The Wirex Visa card comes with a proprietary token called X-points, which can be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, similar to many other cryptocurrency debit cards available today. While other token-powered crypto debit cards like the Swipe Visa card and the Crypto.com Visa card provide more benefits, you can only earn up to 8% in cryptoback with X-Points.

Wirex Review: Brief Definition

According to the wirex review, this visa card is a more extensive Wirex programme component. It caters to users who frequently find themselves in various locations worldwide and require access to a wide range of foreign currencies. The Wirex app allows users to convert currencies and transfer money to their card account whenever they want to use their Wirex Visa card to access those funds. With this cryptocurrency debit card, you get a cashback rewards programme with a potential 8% cashback rate. However, Wirex’s exclusive X-Points token, which must be converted to cryptocurrency, is used to pay out the incentives.

Wirex Review: Advantages

Anyone could hope to find the most significant advantage for Wirex Visa card clients is the potential for 8% crypto back rewards. Notwithstanding, these prizes are distributed as X-Points. If you’re hoping to acquire genuine digital currency, you’ll need to change over your X-Points into cryptos like Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can likewise exploit Wirex’s as of late refreshed “X-Tras” rewards program by gathering X-Points. Wirex again has plans to send off sDeFi-fueled revenue acquiring accounts sooner rather than later, which will be marked as X-Accounts. The organization offers a wide choice of various digital currencies. This is a pleasant change from specific cards like BlockFi Visa, which provides Bitcoin rewards.

Wirex Review: Major Services

Contactless Credit or Charge Card

The Wirex Mastercard and Visa cards offer contactless instalment choices offices to clients. This allows them to spend various advanced monetary standards as well as traditional economic forms in many areas all around the world.

Cryptoback Prizes

Wirex gloats about its novel bitcoin reward program. This is the main on the planet that permits clients to procure a limit of 1.5% cash back in Bitcoin on each buy. In this way, they make the Wirex charge card.

Moment Trade

Wirex immediately changes over cash between any of its upheld digital money and customary cash inhabit over-the-counter and interbank rates.

Fast Cash Move

With Wirex, clients can undoubtedly move digital currencies free of charge and exploit the different incorporated financial channels like Quick, SEPA, and other Quicker Instalments.

Exchanging Expenses

Fixed Wirex expenses of 1% are charged from brokers for purchasing bitcoins utilizing Wirex. This is paid at the hour of trading digital forms of money using Wirex. Be that as it may, merchants can straightforwardly buy bitcoins on Wirex without utilizing the Wirex card. However, at that point, they can’t benefit from the functionalities that the card offers to the cardholders. Cardholders can acquire up to 1.5% in Bitcoin for each exchange made up. Likewise, dealers are qualified for a prize of up to $10 in Bitcoin on each reference they make. There are no hidden charges.

Wirex Card Expenses

Wirex card expenses are cutthroat, however sensible. Setting up a Wirex account charges no fees from the brokers, and getting an actual card is finished free. No stacking expenses are charged in that capacity, and it charges no cost for homegrown exchanges.

Wirex Store and Withdrawal Choices

Wirex permits the store and withdrawal of assets in crypto and government-issued money types. Clients can put aside both government-issued money instalments using crypto cards-Visa cards, or Mastercards and digital currency stores on the trade. According to the wirex review, Dealers can pull out Wirex upheld government-issued types of money or digital currencies from work. To send fiat/crypto cash, dealers need to visit the Dashboard. Then, at that point, they select the sum they need to move to themselves, someone else, or a business.

Wirex Review: Key Features

Wirex offers the accompanying highlights to its clients:

  • The Wirex site has a simple-to-utilize point of interaction and offers a simple confirmation process.
  • Upholds stores, withdrawal, spending, and trade of both fiat and cryptographic forms of money.
  • Versatile, viable applications for the two iOS and Android gadgets. This offers cutthroat valuing with next to no preposterous trade charges.


The utility token known as the Wirex token (WXT) is produced by the Wirex exchange and operates on the Stellar blockchain. The Wirex pass can upgrade the Wirex account or unlock higher cashback rates. The cashback rates are paid in WXT, and the maximum amount of cashback to which a user is entitled is based on the account type—Premium, Standard, or Elite—and is capped. Users can, however, upgrade to a Premium or Elite account at any time while they are actively trading. Additionally, they are qualified to receive interest payments on their WXT debt if they do so. Additionally, as Premium users or Elite users, they are eligible to get 2% or 6% interest on the WXT balance, respectively.


Is Wirex dependable?

Are Wirex accounts secure? Indeed, your Wirex account is secure. The security of our client’s assets is our first concern. We have constructed a safe and reliable stage utilizing blockchain and the financial industry’s most recent security innovation.

Is Wirex a bank?

Wirex isn’t a bank. That implies we can do things the banks can merely fantasize about, similar to super-quick, secure and helpful ways of moving cash, all on one inventive application. Furthermore, you can go in no time.

For what reason might I, at any point, pull out from Wirex?

The most widely recognized explanations for not having the option to pull out cash are that you lack assets, have entered your PIN erroneously, or have incidentally hindered your card. You can see your PIN in the Cards segment of the Wirex application.

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